10 Best Data Science and ML Discord Servers to Join in 2022


The Internet is home to informative and dynamic forums that can provide useful information for professional development and industry relations.

While the virtual hangout now has many corners where people talk about everything (from books to TV shows on Netflix), machine learning and data science have also made their way into Discord servers.

To help our data-savvy customers get started, we’ve identified the top ten forums for those interested in data science and machine learning.


MachineHack, a popular choice for data science, AI and ML professionals to assess their skills and compete with others. The MachineHack Discussion Forum is a community space for all technical challenges. It focuses on important topics that every data science professional should know, from salary scales to technical doubts.

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Data sharing by Towards Data Science

If you work with data, you may have come across Towards Data Science. Their discord server, Data Share, is a project meant to be a platform where anyone can date based on common interests and discuss issues. The best thing about the platform is the categorization of discussions, such as – machine learning, analytics, NLP, etc. !

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Data science

It’s all in the name! This community, made up of data scientists, is all about data science. A server dives into all areas with members of varying levels of expertise. The server has everything from visualization and communication to data engineering and model deployment. So, whether you are an expert, a student or an occasional enthusiast, everyone is welcome!

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CS Dojo

CS Dojo is a well-known YouTuber who talks about things related to programming. Join its vast community where discussions about programming, game development, web development, AI and ML, data science, and more take place.

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Tina’s friends

Tina Huang is another YouTuber who makes videos about data science, learning, and productivity so you can expect something similar from her “Tina’s Friends” Discord server. In this server you will find many channels related to data science such as Python, R, SQL, machine learning and statistics (these channels are invisible, so to activate them you must give yourself the role of “Data Science” reacting in channels-access-roles.) Although these channels are not as active as those on other servers, there are still plenty of people to interact with.

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Fundamentals of ML

The server is for anyone interested in the math behind machine learning. The well-organized server is for sharing knowledge and experiences. It also has intro channels and vocal channels.

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Tensor flow

For those who know the name, you wouldn’t need much of an introduction. However, for those new to Tensorflow, it is an open source ML platform used by many data scientists.

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MLops (@chipro)

Learn about MLOps, best practices, and more. But what distinguishes this server from the others? The server is a gateway to Huyen chipformer student and instructor at Stanford.

Join the server to learn, contribute and grow on your MLOps journey. You meet developers, students, researchers and authors.

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DVC introduces people to the “Dev” practices involved in the development of data science and machine learning. With information on integrating modern libraries and packages into your machine learning pipelines, the server seemed like a very attractive place for a learner like me and may be of interest to you as well! The server hosts discussions and resource sharing. Milecia McGregor and Jeny de Figueiredo write most of the content, and Jeny is also the community manager.

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Obviously AI – ML in production

Obviously AI, is a dedicated server for reviewing tools and methods related to testing, monitoring, and evaluating ML models. But, even if the server exists to talk about its products and services. The theme explores several practices for tracking and testing ML models. Discuss various issues such as model quality, data drift, and target drift.

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