13 Creepy Movies and Internet Movies on Social Media


From edge-of-your-seat cyber suspense to laudable social media comedy, these 13 titles represent some of the best in the genre.

Climb aboard haunted houses and keep your woods spooky: in the modern age, there’s simply no place more terrifying than the internet.

Since even before the days of “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock from 1995, cyberspace has provided a compelling backdrop for countless horror, thriller, and suspense films. Some are rooted in science fiction, while others employ the supernatural. The weird expanse of the web provides all of this, and is made infinitely more interesting by the spooky implications of an unseen world that millions of users don’t actually understand.

Found footage movies are among the first scary internet movies to come to mind, with cheeky titles like “Unfriended”, “Followers” and even “#Horror” bringing awkwardness to the conceit of computer screen films. . “Search” and “Host” sparked a new appreciation for the format, incorporating smart authenticity into their design and direction. Meanwhile, films like “Spree” and “Dashcam” have taken this spectacle on the road, combining ride-hailing apps and live streams to considerable effect.

Of course, visible windows, tabs, and cursors aren’t necessary to create internet alerts (or suspense). More traditionally shot movies, including recent releases “KIMI” and “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair,” have successfully incorporated Internet themes into their cinematic stories.

Satirical black comedies stand out as a particularly fruitful ground for exploring social media themes, with titles ranging from “Tragedy Girls” and “Ingrid Goes West” to the more recent “Not Okay” offering exasperated sighs – and heartfelt laughs. – in equal measure. While not strictly comedies, the more feminist entries in the category, including sex work-centric projects “Zola” and “CAM,” similarly use light internet fodder to highlight their more serious outlook.

The best movies on the Internet and on social media tend to be scary because the technologies they examine tend to be scary. So, while coming-of-age movies like “Eighth Grade” involve the internet and can be anxiety-provoking in their own way, they’ve been left out of this generally scarier ranking. Conversely, documentaries, like “We Live in Public” and true crime projects like “The Tinder Swindler,” are unquestionably horrific, but have been excluded to keep the focus on fiction.

Listed in order considering both fear factor and quality, here are 13 of the scariest movies on social media and the internet.

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