2K Games confirms extent of last month’s user data hack


In 2K’s announcement released on October 6, 2022, the company answered a number of questions about the breach. According to 2K Games, the hacker “accessed and copied certain personal data that was recorded about you…for support, including your email address, help desk ID, gamertag and console details”. 2K then revealed that it do not believe any financial or login information was stolen during the breach, but the company always plans to force each user to change their password to a more complex password the next time they log in.

2K advised that customers “be vigilant” in looking for suspicious activity on their 2K account, but reassured players that he does not believe that any major information has not been taken and that he does not acts only as a precautionary measure. 2K contacted all compromised accounts directly via email when the breach occurred, so if you have not seen any of these emails, the company has not identified your account as compromised.

As of October 6, 2022, the 2K customer service portal is back online and “safe to interact with” and – according to its announcement – 2K is working with the “appropriate data protection authorities” to determine who the Unidentified Third Party User is. is. This isn’t the first time 2K has been hacked, however – three years ago its social media accounts were hacked, and after the hack 2K had to apologize for a series of offensive messages posted by the pirate.


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