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While there are many single player games out there, multiplayer games provide a unique online experience where players can interact with each other and form new communities. In the multiplayer space, gamers have found ways to rally around their favorite titles by subscribing to YouTube channels, chatting on Twitter, and joining subReddits and Discord. waiters.

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Discord is a unique and essential platform for gamers as it is a one-stop-shop where gamers can chat by text or voice. Gamers use Discord Voice Chats (VC) to communicate while gaming with friends, broadcast gaming sessions, or virtually meet other gamers via voice and webcam. Many players have private Discord servers for their own communities, but avid gamers and community managers have created public servers for multiplayer games where players can make new friends and band together to catch W’s.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Fan Delivers Clever Shooting Range Overhaul

The official Discord server for Apex Legends offers a robust LFG system where players around the world can find like-minded players to line up with for Ranked and Unrated Battle Royale or Arenas matches. The server layout and ordering system make it easy for players to specify what type of team they are looking for and generate a VC link for others to join. Players can use capped VC channels to communicate with their teammates, without having to switch to another server or a private call.

In addition to its useful LFG function, this Discord server has many channels for Apex Legends discussions, fan art, official developer news, esports announcements, and more. Members can discuss their favorite Mountain peak streamers and weigh in on news like why TimTheTatman won’t play Mountain peak more.

This Discord server is very active and has 579,000 members. Nitro moderators and boosters are given special roles. Gamers looking for a community obsessed with Apex Legends have come to the right place.



In 2021, it can be difficult to make new friends in the Monitoring community. But the subreddit r / Monitoring has an active Discord server with 257,000 members. Here, players can find the latest Monitoring patch updates and esports news, lore debate, post fan artwork, or find a team to band together with in the game. Players can also discuss their hopes for Monitoring 2 and influence the coming changes of support heroes. Unfortunately, only Nitro Moderators and Boosters are eligible for special server roles.

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There are also several text channels for those who want to join more semi-professional canvas and pug teams. And for those who want to explore or tinker MonitoringCustom workshop feature, there is a text channel for those looking for help or interested in discussing workshop possibilities.


A card to Valorant

This official valiant Discord server is supported by Riot games, and has 800,000 members. The server has several active text channels for chatting as well as channels where players can post clips, screenshots, fan art and valiantrelated cosplays. The server is also a hub for the latest valiant new. If players are looking to find groups for valiant games, the official valiant server recommends joining another dedicated server for those looking for the LFG experience.

Any member of the server can choose a role based on color for aesthetic purposes. However, if users want a role with additional privileges, they will need to become moderator, valiant developer or server booster. Anyone who is very active on the server can also be given a special role if they “level up” by chatting and boosting the server.

Call of Duty


The biggest Call of Duty The server has 430,000 members and many different LFG channels, voice channels and text chat channels. In addition to the read-only news channels, the server has the Giveaways Discord bot for giveaways on the server and the HepBoat bot to help moderate and protect the server at all times in case the moderators are busy.

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Like other FPS game discord servers, the Call of Duty The server has a seemingly endless number of voice channels designed for pickup games and for new players to meet. Reddit Moderators, Server Moderators, Selected Content Creators, and Nitro Boosters are given special roles, along with anyone working for Hammer games Where Raven Software.


smoke cs: come on

The largest Counter Strike: Global Offensive The Discord server is affiliated with the official CS: GO subReddit and has over 180,000 members. Active users can apply for a special role called “Regular”. This role is for server users who have been a member for at least 3 months, have sent more than 5,000 messages to the server, and have not broken any server rules. There are also special roles for Nitro Boosters and Moderators, all members can choose a region based role which can help with server based LFG matchmaking.

This CS: GO The Discord server offers several different text and voice channels. There is a general chat, a technical support channel, a self-promotion channel, and a number of “Looking to Play” channels where players can make new friends. There are also many different voice channels for Duets, Trios, 4 and 10 person games.

Between us and Minecraft Server

among us introducing a new accessibility feature

For gamers looking for a more social Discord gaming experience, this Among us and Minecraft The LFG server would be a great option. With nearly 140,000 members, this server offers plenty of XP-based leaderboards to achieve, with titles ranging from Beginner to MVP and Meme Lord. This server has several active community managers, as well as moderators who chat with members and respond to requests. There are also many different Discord bots for things like music and reading. Pokemon in the server.

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The server also offers channels for trivia, memes, music, server suggestions, virtual chess, virtual taco trucks, gaming. Among us, and more. In fact, there are so many different things to do that it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with all the options!

Pokémon United

pokemon unit blissey using save

This Pokémon United The Discord server is connected to the subReddit r / PokemonUnite, which has over 100,000 members. The server is smaller than other large multiplayer game servers, with around 36,000 members. But there are still a lot of cool features like Game News, General Discussions, Help Channels, Meta Discussions, Attack and Defense Channels, and Ranked LFG Channels.

Players can also debate which Pokémon are best for the game and share their own Pokémon United lists of levels. Players can gain special server roles by winning tournaments, or becoming a Nitro moderator or booster.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


The largest Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Discord server has over 500,000 members. Members can chat about the game and share island designs, city tunes, dream spots, house designs, fan art, and more.

Members can also participate in quizzes, discuss news ANC exhibit at the UK National Video Game Museum, or ask other members for help. The server offers many color-based roles, as well as location-based and Nitro Boost-based roles.

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