A simple trick allows you to turn Telegram into a free and unlimited cloud storage service


The developers of the open-source project TeleDrive have come up with a simple trick to use the encrypted messaging service Telegram to provide users with free cloud storage.

Along with offering unlimited file sharing and encryption, Telegram also has an API that developers can use to access the service’s cloud storage feature. By leveraging the Telegram API, TeleDrive developers have come up with a way to offer unlimited cloud storage to users.

To get started, you first need to log in using your Telegram account and link it to TeleDrive. From here, you can download as many files as you want for free, although there is a daily bandwidth limit of 1.4GB as well as a 2GB upload and download limit.

However, these limitations can be easily lifted by paying TeleDrive only $10 per year. With the company’s free plan, you still have access to all the basic features of the service, with unlimited downloads and file sizes being the most useful. TeleDrive is also private by default as it uses Telegram storage and all your files will be saved in the Messages section of the app.


While this is a great idea and could be useful for those who don’t want to pay for cloud storage or backup services, it’s entirely dependent on Telegram continuing to provide access to its API to developers. If Telegram ever decides to limit or discontinue access to its cloud storage API, TeleDrive will cease to exist.

At the same time, while the TeleDrive website is free, the open source project still has its own server and development costs. Currently, the service is supported by sponsors, but it plans to introduce advertisements on its website to help defray some of these costs.

While all files uploaded to TeleDrive are private by default, you can also make them public and generate a URL so anyone else can download any of the files stored in your cloud storage. You can also easily share these files with other Telegram users if you know their usernames.

TeleDrive might be the perfect stopgap if you’re low on funds, but if you’re looking for an affordable cloud storage service, iDrive is pretty cheap for the amount of storage you get with your plan while you can also get a free Backblaze subscription. when you sign up for ExpressVPN.

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