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KABUL (Pajhwok): Alcis, a geographic information service, released a public web map on the earthquake in Afghanistan that hit the east of the country on the night of 21st June, according to a statement released Saturday.

“We have also created a webpage to host the various static mapping products we have produced so far, like here:

It is the biggest earthquake to hit the country in two decades and the media reports at least 1,000 dead and 2,000 homes destroyed. It is hoped that this web map and the static maps will help the emergency response while highlighting the enormity of the challenge they face.

This web map will allow users to interact with data in a much more dynamic way than static maps.

The web map currently includes settlement locations in the affected area and roads, by type.

More data will be added in the next few hours to build it further.

Homes affected and last year’s droughtwhere many people living in this area have been affected by drought, both last year and possibly this year.

  • Map of affected homes. A map showing the number of domestic compounds in each of the earthquake zones.
  • Image analysis. A first look at some of the damage to houses seen in very high resolution images collected yesterday over the affected areas, in this case, in Tani district in Khost province.


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