Alex Jones trial – latest: Jury shown videos of Infowars host mocking crisis actor Sandy Hook’s parents


Infowars Rep Says Alex Jones Viewership Grown Exponentially After Sandy Hook Massacre

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ second libel trial is underway in Connecticut as he faces the families of victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting which he says was a hoax broadcast to his millions of viewers.

The court heard from a named representative of Jones’ media company for insight into its operations and the specifics around the origins of the various theories he espoused. The jury could see how Infowars’ audience grew exponentially after the tragedy, as did the company’s revenue.

Several videos were shown of Jones’ blatant claims, including two in which he mocked the victims’ parents as “crisis actors.”

Earlier, the sister of one of the slain teachers and an FBI agent described what it was like to live in fear for their lives amid accusations from Jones fans that they were crisis actors.

Jones was ordered last month to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of one of the children killed by a Texas jury following a similar trial. Now a jury will decide how much to pay relatives of eight victims and an FBI agent who responded to the scene of the 2012 massacre.


The court takes a 15-minute recess.


The court receives another email – this one from Halbig to Scarlett Lewis, parent of Sandy Hook, CCing Infowars.

“How as a mother could you buy your special brand of coffee when you heard as a mother that shots had been fired? Scarlett, it’s only a matter of time before all that money is returned to you.

He adds: “Do some soul-searching because the scam is in place.”

Halbig sent hundreds of similar harassing emails to families in Sandy Hook.


The testimony cuts to another clip about how Infowars broadcast a false claim that one of the parents, Robbie Parker, who worked as a medical assistant in a neonatal intensive care program, worked for a microchipping program supported by the masons.

Halbig said Mr Parker needed to be investigated.

Mr. Parker is seated in the public gallery of the courtroom today.


Mr Mattei moves on to successful removal of Infowars content by parent Leny Pozner for showing his deceased son.

The jury sees a clip of Jones saying he’s gotten 10 million weekly YouTube viewers and “one billion views” since 2008 on various platforms.

Mr. Pozner’s complaint on YouTube resulted in his channel being shut down, and Jones responded by showing Mr. Pozner’s business address on air.

Ms. Paz is asked if Jones did this in retaliation and she says she wouldn’t use that word but wouldn’t speculate what word she would use.


Ms Paz is asked to read an email from Halbig to the mother of a Sandy Hook victim in December 2014 accusing her of failing to protect her child by sending him to school saying it was of a “toxic waste dump” and accusing him of “endangering children”.

Halbig wrote: “Josephine, your child, should have expected more of you…you were supposed to protect her from health risks for life when you sent her to this school.”

Ms. Paz then confirms that despite knowing the email, Infowars continued to have Halbig as a guest.

Another email is posted from 2020 in relation to this very legal case. Halbig writes to Infowars news director Rob Dew suggesting different filing strategies.


Mr Mattei plays another Infowars video of Jones calling the shooting a “giant hoax”.

“How do you handle a total hoax? How do you manage to convince the public that it’s a total hoax? ” he says.

A caller tells Jones he lives 50 miles from Sandy Hook says there’s “no there, there” and repeats the hoax that the shooting didn’t happen.

There is a feedback loop between Jones and his interlocutor regarding the plot.

Jones says “it’s all wrong, and it hardly happened” and he came to this conclusion after doing “extensive research”.

Ms. Paz confirms on the witness stand that Jones did not do any such research.

Jones says he sent an investigator to Newtown. Ms. Paz acknowledges that the investigator was Wolfgang Halbig.


The court resumes after lunch

The hearing resumes after lunch and Free Speech Systems representative Brittany Paz returns to the stand.

Mr. Mattei begins by asking Ms. Paz about a documentary aired by Infowars titled: We need to talk about Sandy Hook.


Shocking images of Jones raise jury eyebrows

Elizabeth Williamson of The New York Times notes that videos shown in court of Jones airing false claims about Sandy Hook on his show and then immediately turning to selling merchandise and supplements to his audience raised some eyebrows among the jury members.


The direct examination of Ms. Paz will continue in an hour.

As a representative of Free Speech Systems/Infowars, she still refuses to acknowledge that Infowars uses Google Analytics despite all the evidence presented in court.


Looking at Infowars’ daily revenue numbers around the time of the FBI fake story, the day before it aired, the company brought in about $48,000 and the next day $232,000, an increase of 500%.


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