Amazon Web Services is no longer accepting new customers from Russia and Belarus: what does this mean


Amazon Web Services is no longer accepting new customers from Russia and Belarus: what does this mean

Amazon Web Services/Ismail Enes Ayhan

AWS is an Amazon project that provides cloud computing services for rent on a paid subscription basis. Amendment: no longer provides occupants.

Note that the exit from the market is still partial. Apparently, existing customers will keep their subscription to the service, as they have already paid the company money. However, over time, his mandate will expire and it will not be possible to issue a new one.

Amazon leaves Russia

What is the meaning of this service?

  • Amazon Web Services is similar to Microsoft Azure.
  • This is a service that makes the power of the company’s server available to customers.
  • A virtual computer or set of computers that is always available remotely over the Internet.
  • They have most of the attributes of a real computer, including hardware devices (CPU, video card, local and RAM, hard drive or SSD drive), operating system of your choice, network, and pre-installed applications such as web server, database, CRM, etc…
  • Each AWS system also virtualizes console I/O (keyboard, monitor, and mouse), allowing AWS users to connect to the AWS system using a browser.

  • The browser in this case is actually a means of “broadcasting” what is happening on your virtual computer which works like a normal computer, with the possibility of performing the same tasks, but remotely and on more powerful hardware.

The company’s servers are scattered around the world.

Many companies have already exited the occupier market, including Microsoft with its Azure service. Therefore, very soon Russia, neither at the state level nor at the private level, will have the necessary capabilities for the operation of all its systems, services and services. In the local market, Yandex can act as an analogue. In addition, VK has its own servers. However, their resources will probably not be enough to connect all the companies that previously used the services of American or European solutions. And it will be impossible to attract new servers because of the sanctions.


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