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There is no denying the growing popularity of esports, but it does not appear that it has reached the mainstream since until recently digital sports games were played on flat screens while sitting in a chair. However, the tide is turning with the arrival of VR headsets, allowing players to physically move around their surroundings while competing against others. One of those next-gen esports games is called Zen fighters, where players not only practice and compete with each other, but also earn money for their efforts. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the unique gameplay elements that set this game apart from the rest.

What are “Zen fighters”?

Zen fighters is an innovative esports game designed natively for virtual reality that integrates NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to reach the dynamic ecosystem of a true sports market. In this game, players will be able to earn NFT prizes like in-game items, new fighters, cosmetic upgrades or $ ZENY tokens for their achievements, and own everything in their personal crypto wallet, which they can then sell for any other cryptocurrency in global blockchain markets like OpenSea, making it a game up for grabs.

With elements of Harry Potter and Pokémon Go Quidditch, as well as a Street Fighter-style match system, Zen Fighters is a unique competitive sport that is only possible in virtual reality. The game requires players to think on their feet, anticipate their opponents ‘moves, and adjust their tactics based on their unique superpowers and those of their opponents’ fighters.

The story of the game behind Zen fighters

The Zen Republic’s metaverse solar system consists of a sun and seven planets in its orbit. After millennia of intergalactic conflicts over who owns the sun, the citizens of these planets have been able to agree on sharing solar power.

Together they found the Zen fighters league as a symbol of their new comradeship, in which the greatest fighters from all over the Zen Republic go head-to-head.

NFT fighters

There are three types of fighters in Zen Fighters, coming from different planets of the Zen Republic metaverse: Martians, Reptilians, and Sumerians. These fighters are evolutionary NFTs that differ cosmetically (hairstyle, body color, etc.). The most important trait of a fighter is their superpowers. When a fighter is born, he gains 3 random, non-modifiable superpowers, some stronger, others weaker. Even though these superpowers cannot be changed, the more experience points a fighter gets, the more they level up and unlock new superpowers, eventually increasing their market value.

Play-To-Earn game model

All assets in Zen fighters are non-fungible tokens that can be purchased using the native currency of Zen fighters, $ ZENY.

By creating an account you are instantly linked to a crypto wallet where you can keep NFTs as well as ZENY $ and any other cryptocurrency.

By playing the game, players have a significant chance of making a profit, especially early supporters. There are several ways to win while playing:

  1. Upgrading fighters unlocks their new superpowers and gives them a treasure chest that can hold cosmetics or other valuable items. Characters that have been upgraded can be resold in the market for a profit based on their appearance and abilities.
  2. Staked battles against other human players: stake a certain number of tokens and the winner takes it all.
  3. Official Tournaments: Zen Fighters will host tournaments in which players can compete against each other and win the prize pool!
  4. Competitive and Cooperative Mini-Games: Players will be able to compete with others in a race or cooperate to complete a mission and acquire treasure chests or tokens!

Spectators watch to win!

Spectators are a crucial piece of the puzzle of any esports game, and Zen fighters is no exception. We understand that the player audience for VR games is still quite low, so our focus is on the viewer plot, which will attract more players later on. To entice viewers, viewers will earn $ ZENY tokens alongside the players.

Invitational-only competitions with the best Zen fighters on the planet will take place. Viewers will have the chance to get involved in these tournaments by watching and supporting their favorite fighters via live broadcast on the smartphone app and streaming sites like Twitch. Viewers will be able to bet on the outcome of matches, support players by investing in them, and much more. Viewers will also have the option to purchase match tickets from the in-game store to watch the tournaments live in VR. Additionally, viewers aren’t limited to watching, betting, and investing – they can buy fighters themselves and loan them out to others, acting as their agent, much like Axie Infinity’s school system.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our business and hope you can’t wait to give it a try yourself!

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