An early introductory price projection for BudBlockz (BLUNT). Will it be 10x like STEPN?


BudBlockz (BLUNT) is only a week away from its private sale, but early indications suggest that interest in the cannabis-focused token is significantly higher than analysts expected just a year ago. week. Like STEPN before it, BLUNT appears to be poised for sustained growth throughout its upcoming pre-sale and after its Q4 2022 launch.

The token is now selling for $0.015 as it enters the second week of its month-long private sale. The pre-sale of BLUNT will start at $0.021 and analysts expect it to approach $0.09 during the three phases of the pre-sale. Post-launch projections for BLUNT range from $0.14 to $0.19 by the end of the year.

Part of the market excitement has to do with how BudBlockz handles its initial price and market entry. Although nowhere near as cheap as deflationary cryptocurrencies, BLUNT’s initial valuations, both for its private sale and its more structured pre-sale, are deliberately low. This approach gives early investors additional incentive to add BLUNT to their portfolios, while broadening its appeal beyond the usual handful of insiders who typically benefit from unsustainable private sale valuations. Indeed, BudBlockz has removed the “private” from its private sale, opening the opportunity to anyone with an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Each of these factors indicates that BudBlockz intends its pre-launch rounds to increase real operating capital and begin to build a large and resilient community. Its roadmap underlines this observation. Besides the usual collectibles that unite the community, a series of asset-backed NFTs will facilitate transactions on the BudBlockz platform. More intriguingly, users will be able to enter into mutually negotiated contracts for marginal ownership of cannabis companies across the entire supply chain. This approach will provide needed working capital for growers, processors, distributors and retail operations while engaging BudBlockz users in the real world workings of the cannabis industry, all on sustainable terms that reflect the priorities of all parties.

External forces also play a role in the optimism surrounding BudBlockz. The September 15 merger, which will see Ethereum move from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake base, has been the subject of speculation since its announcement, but the consensus is that it will support a greater valuation of Ethereum. ERC20 tokens. BudBlockz is poised to benefit from this upsurge and reward early investors in the process.

STEPN provides a good example of a well-designed token whose pre-sale and post-launch prospects reflected the value it conveyed to a wide audience. Its solid foundation and good timing allowed the token to rise from an introductory price of $0.11 to nearly $4.00 in less than two months in the spring of 2022. Like the rest of the market, STEPN has grown cooled down a bit, but it’s currently hovering between $0.65 and $1.00, which is an impressive and sustained return for those who got in early.

No one can predict the cryptocurrency market and every investment involves risk. But its business model, compelling use cases, and cautious approach to a still booming consumer sector make BudBlockz a cryptocurrency to watch, now, in Q4 2022 and beyond.

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