Atlassian Jira ITSM Wins IT Pros with Pricing and Integrations


Atlassian customers have started to get started with a Jira ITSM tool released last year, citing cost savings over products from larger vendors, ease of use, and flexibility in service management.

Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM) replaced a legacy IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, Jira Service Desk, in November 2020. In April, the company made the tool significantly more competitive with legacy industry vendors such as ServiceNow, BMC and Ivanti by integrating a configuration management database (CMDB) based on its acquisition of Mindville Insight in July 2020. Also in April, Atlassian acquired ThinkTilt, a low-code / no-code specialist, and plans to make a simplified form design user interface available in the next month. , closing another important functionality gap.

Competitors, especially ServiceNow, continue to dominate the ITSM space, according to estimates from analysts such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant, which has ranked ServiceNow’s ITSM product at the top of its vendor list for the past eight consecutive years. . However, the 2021 edition of this report ranks Atlassian as a “visionary” in the category, the only vendor with this designation. Atlassian said that more than 35,000 customers now use Atlassian JSM, compared to 25,000 users of the Jira Service Desk product.

Atlassian JSM has also outperformed ServiceNow and other historic competitors for strategic vision in Forrester Research’s last two ITSM Wave Quarterly Reports.

Charles Betz

“They rectified a number of shortcomings that they had had over the past few years [in ITSM] and, at this point, they’re approaching parity with the best in the business, ”said Charles Betz, analyst at Forrester who prepared the company’s ITSM Wave reports. “They are not there yet, but they are getting there very quickly, and they have a convincing strategic proposition. [for customers] in that they have a fully integrated DevOps pipeline. “

Atlassian ITSM defectors cite integrations, price

Between the Atlassian Bitbucket DevOps pipeline and the Jira software issue tracker, Atlassian has an established bridgehead from which to expand the use of JSM among existing customers. Here it can suspend the integrated integration with JSM which automatically syncs with the tools customers are already using.

The vendor did not specify how many JSM converts were already Atlassian customers, but each of the reference customers that the vendor introduced at a virtual event and made available for press interviews this week were already using Jira Software and , in some cases, Atlassian products such as Confluence, before moving to JSM. All benchmark customers said integrations between JSM and other Atlassian tools were among the most compelling reasons to change.

“We replaced another ITSM product, [Freshworks Inc.’s] Freshservice, what’s good, it’s just that it was out of touch with how our software and IT teams operated, ”said Bruce Kozuma, group senior product manager at Ginkgo Bioworks, a Boston-based biotechnology company that started to use JSM in June. “They use Jira. for Agile stuff, and we basically had two ticketing systems, and unless you were looking at both, you were missing things. “

A JSM convert who replaced ServiceNow ITSM with the Atlassian tool said price was another big push for change. ServiceNow does not publicly disclose the prices of its products, but officials at Saint-Gobain, a multinational Paris-based manufacturing company, estimate that the company will reduce its ITSM licensing costs by 70% in its first year of operation. using the on-premises server edition of JSM.

Rachid Laghzaouni, Saint-GobainRachid Laghzaouni

“I took advantage of the pandemic,” said Rachid Laghzaouni, head of tools for the project management office (PMO) at Saint-Gobain. “I had a really good window to convince my management to say, ‘Hey, I’m not even talking about the processes. I’m talking about license fees. “And the report was very, very simple.”

Atlassian stopped selling the Server edition of its on-premises software tools in February and increased the prices of its remaining Data Center editions. However, Laghzaouni said the license fees for JSM Data Center would still be around 40% lower than the cost of the company’s ServiceNow licenses, and the combined costs for the overall Atlassian Data Center suite would be roughly equal to what the company was paying. ServiceNow ITSM.

Nonetheless, the trade-off for the licensing cost savings and the advantage that Saint-Gobain had in approaching its migration, was a highly skilled in-house team behind the scenes who could strongly customize Jira and JSM and quickly update the practices of Jira and JSM. IT operations to keep the transition between systems hidden. end users. This included building the company’s own migration database and integrating with the Elements Connect app for Jira to automatically replicate data fields and autofill functionality between ServiceNow and JSM. The internal team also created a local single sign-on link between JSM and the company’s Active Directory identity management system.

“My team is extraordinarily skilled,” said Laghzaouni. “We’ve done a lot of customization … to make the migration completely seamless for end users, and with less risk.”

Atlassian has its own integrations with Active Directory and its own single sign-on tools, but Laghzaouni said this custom work was done specifically to replicate a ServiceNow communication system with minimal end-user disruption. This system automatically sent ticket status updates via email, while maintaining established corporate access controls and password management policies.

Jira ITSM users expect data management, knowledge base updates

Atlassian quickly filled in the gaps in ITSM functionality with JSM, but there is still a long way to go on its roadmap and areas where it does not exactly match what other vendors can offer, such as management tools. computer operations for observability. However, Atlassian customers could use Opsgenie’s incident management tools, which integrate with third-party observability partners.

The addition of Mindville Insight, now known as Atlassian Insight, for digital asset management, is critical to keeping pace with competing CMDB products. But Ginkgo’s Kozuma said he’s waiting for JSM support in Atlassian Data Lake for Jira Software, which is still in Early Access. Kozuma also said he is waiting for cloud native support for a Jira Server edition asset discovery feature called Device42, with no workaround as required today.

“What we use Insight is what we defined,” he said. “Device42 scans your network, finds what you have and downloads the configuration for those items, and it can tell you when things change.”

Laghzaouni of Saint-Gobain said he plans not to use the JSM knowledge base feature, which is based on integration with Confluence, until it can offer some of the advanced features he’s used to with Confluence only, such as the ability to share versioned attachments.

Atlassian officials said that Device42’s direct integration with Atlassian JSM in the cloud is underway; Sharing versioned attachments through the knowledge base is something product managers will take into consideration, according to a company statement.

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