Bookabach customer files legal action against host amid flood of complaints about canceled reservations due to COVID-19 lockdown


“I will never use Bookabach again”

It’s not just the hosts that Walker, Sanches and Castilho are upset about, it’s Bookabach.

The trio all agree that Bookabach doesn’t have strong enough policies in place to prevent these situations from happening and depend on the goodwill of the hosts to do the right thing.

“There are some good people in the world, but this guy isn’t – and Bookabach goes off with his hands in the air. Like, they just don’t seem to care,” Walker said. .

“There is no way – and I will tell everyone and anyone listening – that we would ever use them again.

“If they don’t have a policy in place or some sort of guarantee that the people you book a house with aren’t responsible for giving you a refund or something like that, who would ever use their service?” “

A spokesperson for Bookabach told Newshub that its cancellation policies are determined by each vacation home owner on our site. They described Bookabach as an “SEO platform” which means that the owners decide what cancellation policy to implement.

“While we encourage our guests to adopt flexible cancellation policies, at the end of the day, the choice is theirs. “said the spokesperson.

“These cancellation policies are clearly visible on every property description page for travelers to review and review before booking. Throughout the reservation process, we encourage travelers to review the cancellation policy of the property, they apply even if your reservation is affected by COVID-19. “

Bookabach says that if a reservation is canceled, it will refund the customer service charge.

“We encourage travelers to contact customer service if they are having difficulty obtaining a cancellation from the host.”

Consumer NZ says any contract allowing Hosts to keep money despite a lockdown making the reservation impossible to fulfill is likely “unfair and subject to challenge under the Fair Trading Act.”

“Accommodation providers should make sure their terms and conditions, including their cancellation policies, are fair. Otherwise, they risk breaking the law,” said Jessica Wilson, research manager at Consumer NZ.

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