Brevard High to Host Junior Firefighter Program | Education


North Transylvania Fire Rescue is holding another information session on how to become a Junior Volunteer Firefighter from 9:30-10:05 a.m. during I&E on Friday, April 1 at Brevard High School. All students interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer firefighter are encouraged to attend.

From the age of 15, students can start training, helping around the station, and even making calls on approval. Local departments offer free training that leads to firefighter certifications, which can open up opportunities for future emergency service careers.

Information will be provided on what volunteer firefighting entails, what students stand to gain, and how to join a local service. North Transylvania Fire Rescue has already had a strong junior firefighter program and would like to continue to develop it. Lt. Graham Hill credits a junior program at Mills River Fire Rescue with his interest in emergency services and would love to pass it on to other young people. In addition to continuing in the Volunteer Fire Department, he also began a career at the Transylvania County 911 Dispatch Center.

Parker Taylor is a current junior firefighter, who is in the 11th grade at Brevard High School.

“I joined North Transylvania Fire Rescue during the early COVID quarantines to give back to my community,” Sid Taylor. “I think my involvement with the fire service has improved my mental health tremendously and given me purpose over these past difficult years.”

In North Carolina, 91% of fire departments are mostly volunteers, and 72% of North Carolina firefighters are volunteers. The goal of this program is to help build a base of future firefighters who are committed to volunteering to protect lives and save property in our community, while providing students with the opportunity to gain training and free certifications for future careers in emergency services.

For more information, contact Hill at [email protected] or (828) 490-3055.


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