Cloud Phone Provider Scientree to Secure Over Hundred Million CNY in Angel Round


The cloud-based telephone service can be used as an alternative to the on-premises system, allowing customers to process information via the Internet. Cloud Phones are always housed in one or more secure offsite data centers

Chinese cloud-based phone service provider Scientree (Chinese: 算筹信息) has announced that it will raise hundreds of millions of CNY in an angel funding round in the near future. The investment will be led by Fosun Capital, followed by existing investor Union Rich and a well-known fund. Proceeds will be spent on cloud infrastructure, R&D and recruitment.

Liu Yi, founder and chairman of Scientree, said the company plans to launch a small home server where data and information generated by a cloud-based phone can be saved. This will help customers reduce hosting costs and keep information private. Additionally, Scientree intends to further expand overseas.

Fosun Capital, the lead investor in this round of financing, believes that from an industry perspective, investing in cloud computing resources is essential for the development of cloud mobile games and cloud mobile phones.

Compared with other applications of mobile internet, higher threshold and stronger technical entry barrier – such as infrastructure needs servers such as ARMSoC – is the best form and trend of the future development of mobile internet, Fosun said.

And as Fosun Capital pointed out, since major cloud service providers haven’t made large-scale investments yet, cloud mobile telephony remains a blue ocean market.

Scientree, founded in 2019, focuses on building mobile cloud applications and edge cloud service platforms. So far, it has launched its cloud-based phone named Gemini, suitable for different scenarios and purposes on a cloud mobile phone.

The company’s core team worked at Huawei and Tencent, among other companies specializing in cloud computing and game operations. Founder and Chairman Liu Yi worked at Huawei for nine years and led a team of 200 people.


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