Community Gardens Host ‘The Big Lunch’ Alongside Platinum Jubilee Weekend


The weather may have been mixed, but spirits were bright in Northfield during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Masefield Community Gardens brought the community together with live music and free food over the bank holiday weekend.

The Big Lunch is an annual get-together for neighbors to celebrate the community where they live. Children played while volunteers handed out free food, including pizza on an overcast day in the city.

As the Platinum Jubilee celebrates 70 years of the Queen’s service to the people of the UK, resident Ruth Price shares an important date with Her Majesty. Born on the same day Her Majesty married the late Duke of Edinburgh, Ruth has opened up about what the Queen means to her.

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“She belonged to a time when commitment and keeping your promises was very important. She is of the same faith as us, it’s good that she was able to show it,” she said.

“She had to deal with things a lot of people do, with marriages and breakups. She probably didn’t agree with a lot of things, but she’s the figurehead.

Ruth, Ken and Sally Price visited Masefield Community Gardens in Northfield over the bank holiday weekend

“If I hadn’t been out shopping so much, I would have attended more Jubilee events. But I saw the concert last night.

Ruth’s daughter Sally added: “I have a lot of respect for her (the Queen). I think she is well behaved and has a sense of duty.”

The Platinum Jubilee marked a momentous milestone in the summer calendar which also includes the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022. As part of the cultural programme, Festival Birmingham 2022 aims to celebrate all of Birmingham.

Jemima Graham is part of the GLUE (Growing and Living in Urban Environments) collective and was at lunch in Northfield. The collective creates and sells environmentally friendly art to ensure a more sustainable future.

Jemima Graham
Jemima Graham

The collective was funded as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival. Brummie Jemima spoke about the importance of giving the festival a voice for local communities.

“I think it’s really important that community groups and local artists in Birmingham are part of the festival,” she said.

“I went to the launch of the festival at Symphony Hall. It made me proud.

“Seeing other people I recognized and knew, it was good to see community projects being funded.”

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