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Father and son Rob and Joel Walker, creators of the Computers Capers school vacation program.

INSPIRED by the hit video game Minecraft, Rob and Joel Walker, the father and son team of Computer Capers, based in Coffs, run their school holiday drop-in program for primary aged children at Sportz Central Coffs Harbor until January 28.

“For many parents, the school holidays can be a very stressful time, trying to juggle the demands of work while ensuring your children are taken care of and having fun during the holidays,” Rob said.

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“We designed the Minecraft Dating Program after identifying a need to meet the needs of technology- and design-driven, technology-driven children at any level of technical ability.

“If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s a computer game that uses virtual building blocks and is full of opportunities for creative problem solving.

“Love it or hate it, nothing will change the fact that kids love creating online worlds where they are limited only by their imaginations.”

The Computer Capers Holiday program provides support as children work through challenges, collaborative activities, social games, and group problem solving, “all on a safe, private, and secure computer server.”

“Every child has the opportunity to participate in competitions, quests and mini-lessons, while having fun and interacting with their friends in this positive digital way.

“This year we have designed a huge program with many exciting new classes, including Minecraft Mania, which is by far the most popular session, and we have added more mini-games to try.

“Most kids love Minecraft, but some need step-by-step guidance and support.

“We like to think we can help build social connections while demystifying the exciting world of Minecraft, allowing all kids to explore through Minecraft-based activities.

“We engage with children by motivating them with open-ended activities.”

According to Rob and Joel, Minecraft School is responsible for forging new friendships and bonds, as participants work together to plan landscapes, fight nighttime zombies, and continue to survive on a daily basis.

“Collaboration, team building and individual play are all encompassed.

“In addition, sessions examine science, technology, engineering, and math, and beyond, strengthen communication skills, expand and push problem-solving skills, while engaging higher-order thinking. when students plan, develop and build their projects.”

During the school holidays, the program will include Pixelmon, Fantastic Beasts, SpeedRun, SkyBlock, Superheroes, Castaway, Minecraft Dungeons, CC Mod Pack, Jurassic, Lost in Space, Build off Tournaments, Minecraft Star Wars.

Computer Capers is a registered supplier of Creative Kids.

For more information, visit Where

Now taking place between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. until January 28, the program invites invited crafters to attend a full or half-day session, playing Minecraft and other popular games on a safe and secure private server. , in a large environment, with physical breaks during the sessions.

By Andrea FERRAI


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