Czech refugee settlement administration caves to Bílina’s racist invective and won’t house Roma refugees from Ukraine with private landlord


The Mayor of Bílina, Czech Republic, Zuzana Schwarz Bařtipánová (ANO), and an excerpt from the Czech Refugee Facilities Administration Authority informing him that they will not contract with a private landlord there to housing refugees from the ongoing war in Ukraine since she and the regional governor opposed it. (2022) (Collage:

The Czech Ministry of the Interior Administration of Refugee Facilities gave in to the racist invectives of the Mayor of Bílina, Zuzana Schwarz Bařtipánová (Association of Dissatisfied Citizens – ANO) and will not enter into a contract with a private landlord to house Roma refugee children and women from Ukraine there. The mayor posted the news on Facebook.

“I take the liberty of informing you all that the refusal of myself as the mayor of the city and the governor of the Ústecký region is reflected by the administration of the refugee facilities and these people will not be relocated to Bílina,” the mayor said. as well as thanks to all of her followers for what she called their “huge” support. She further claimed that the municipality is not able “to welcome these Ukrainian Roma refugees and to integrate and adapt them to a normal life with the help of non-profit Roma organizations and their workers. social”.

The mayor also published the letter she received from the Refugee Facilities Administration of the Czech Interior Ministry responding to both her rejection and that of the governor of the Ústecký region, Jan Schiller, which the news server previously reported on. “It is with regret that I note that both of your views do not agree with this, and for this reason, the Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of Interior has decided not to use the building. of Bílina to accommodate these groups in accordance with the relevant decree”, said Pavel Bacík, director. facilities for refugees, wrote in the letter to the town hall of Bílina.

The elected officials of the city of Bílina oppose the accommodation of Roma children and women fleeing the Russian war against Ukraine in a private building on their territory and, in an openly racist statement, the mayor announced this publicly a few days ago, calling Roma children and women “unadaptable”, a term previously used by the Nazis before World War II to refer to those they later murdered. The reason for his fundamental disagreement with the provision of housing for Roma children under the age of 14 and their relatives in private apartment buildings on Max Švabinský Street – or anywhere else in the territory of Bílina – was declared by the mayor as the situation in Za Chlumem Primary school there and the spread of socially excluded localities not only in Bílina itself, but globally in the regions of Karlovy Vary, Moravia-Silesia and Ústecký .


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