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As Christmas approaches, the network “news” the divisions showered the Bidens with gifts. Late night NBC host Jimmy Fallon gave President Joe Biden a free platform for 16 minutes on December 10 and hailed him as a “Classy guy” who brought “return to class” to the White House. Two days later, CBS reporter Rita Braver gushed for 10 minutes at Biden and his wife, Jill – or “Dr. B,” as Braver called it – on “Sunday morning.”

You didn’t even have to win the presidency to receive a brilliant publicity dish. At “Sunday today”, NBC’s Willie Geist gave Hillary Clinton 12 minutes of softballs, still complaining about losing to Donald Trump in 2016. The publicity hook was his business deal with (no financial disclosure included) to talk about it “resilience,” and part of that seminar includes Clinton cutesy reading his 2016 victory speech.

Geist, who usually throws soft balls at singers and actresses, asked a series of questions about the pain. “So how did you read and deal with the criticisms you have received, especially from people asking that you be locked up?” “

Clinton asserted, “What I’ve learned is to take criticism seriously, but not personally. You mentioned “lock him up”. What an absurd attack and in many ways dangerous because we’re supposed to live in a society governed by the rule of law, and the people who chant this and yell at me, first of all, had no idea what they were talking about. “

And as an NBC butler, Geist didn’t explain the point – that Clinton used a private mail server as Secretary of State and sent classified information about it, leading some officials to purge a prison sentence.

Geist had more questions about Clinton’s pain. “So how painful has it been for you and has it been to watch the country since that day?” “ She hated Trump “scandalous” inaugural speech, but then said, “This is what he did, and how he abused the office and how he mistreated people.”

NBC had no doubts the Clintons are abusing office and mistreating people, from Monica Lewinsky, whom Clinton called “Loony toon”, to people in the White House travel office whom she had dismissed without valid reason when they came to power.

After all, it was NBC’s Matt Lauer who infamously prompted Clinton to blame a “Vast right-wing plot” for Bill Clinton’s sexually abusive behavior in the White House. Lauer told her that if she believed in her husband’s denials, then, “You have to agree that this is the worst and most damaging vilification of the twentieth century. “ What wealth, coming from Matt Lauer, serial sex offender.

But Clinton was not finished. She accused Republicans of following Trump every step of the way. “Honestly, they hung their spines on the wall when they entered their offices. They have no conscience. They don’t have a backbone. And we see the results of a party that has been taken over by a demagogue. “

Geist then asked about his feelings of guilt as Trump prepares for 2024: “So given everything you’ve just described, have you ever had moments of responsibility or even guilt about what happened?” “ Hillary said “Of course. Because I tried to warn people. I tried to argue that it was really dangerous… And I think without Jim Comey and the stunt he did 10 days before the election , I would have won.

After watching the Biden and Clinton interviews we can say, “Honestly, the network’s journalists hung their backs on the wall when they entered their offices. “

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