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Linus Torvalds revealed that reversing the decision to default to -Werror – and thus turn all warnings into errors – resulted in another messy week of work on the Linux kernel.

“So I spent a good part of this week trying to sort out all the weird warnings, and I especially want to thank Guenter Roeck for his work on tracking where the build failures due to -Werror are coming from,” he said. writes Torvalds in his weekly post on the state of kernel development.

“It’s finish?” he asked rhetorically. “No. But overall I feel pretty good about it all, even if it means I looked at some really weird and ugly code. Who knew I would always worry about a weird EISA driver? on alpha, after all these years? A little change of pace;) “

Torvalds expressed annoyance that his efforts saw him enter territory to “fix a weird corner case, three others rear their ugly heads.”

But he is ready to bear the pain. “I remain convinced that everything is for a good cause, and that we really want to have a clean build, even for the crazy weird cases,” he wrote.

And if he has to handle this sort of thing in any week of the kernel production cycle, it might as well be rc2 week.

“Hope this version gets more normal soon – but rc2 week tends to be pretty quiet for me, so the fact that I ended up watching weird warning reports turned into errors this week wasn’t too serious, ”he wrote.

At the end of last week, Torvalds also took the time to share what he described as “the real 30th anniversary” of Linux.

On September 17, he wrote “a random note to let people know that today is actually one of the major dates for the 30th anniversary: ​​0.01 was uploaded on September 17, 1991.

“Now this version 0.01 has never been publicly announced, and I’ve only emailed a handful of people privately about the download (and I don’t have any old emails from this era), so there is no real record of it, ”he wrote. “The only record for the date is in the Linux-0.01 tar file itself, I guess.

“I was just thinking of mentioning it, because while not announced, it is in many ways the actual 30th anniversary date of the actual code.”

So The register although it deserves to be mentioned too. ®

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