Every Warzone Glitch & Hack Call of Duty needs to be fixed immediately


Call of Duty: Warzone currently has a lot of glitches and hacks that ruin the integrity of the match, but some exploits are much more serious than others.

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Since Call of Duty: War Zone Launched in 2019, hacks and glitches have been a major issue for the franchise. From aimbot hackers to regular players accidentally going completely invisible, many members of the War zone community has made its voice heard on these issues. The players also expressed concerns about the urgency needed to preserve the vital integrity of War zone matches.

Call of Duty: War Zone is known to have a lot of weird issues. From players reporting distorted cameras to players developing a third arm in matches, issues can often range from silly to just plain frustrating. And while some of these issues may be fixed in the future, some will likely remain and require future fixes.

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Although some of these issues have been resolved, many of them are still present in War zone today – ranging from blatant computer cheats to in-game exploits that seemingly anyone can do. Fortunately, it seems that Call of Duty: Avant-garde will have an anti-cheat that will debut in War zone also. This will hopefully fix some of the issues currently in the game, but some issues and hacks may remain.

Wallbreach issues in CoD: Warzone

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The “wallbreach” is an area of ​​the map in War zone which allows players to push their character model to unintended parts of the environment. For example, if a player parachutes against certain buildings in War zone, they can phase inside solid areas of the building or even under the map. If made in War zone, a situation arises where players can eliminate opponents but they cannot be seen or shot down because they are inside a solid wall or underground. This so-called wallbreach can be performed in the Verdansk and Rebirth game modes in many locations and will become more and more prevalent as people learn how to do so in the most recent patch. Raven Software needs to fix this problem War zone glitch right before every match is played under the map.

Warzone Infinite XP and Camo hacks should be fixed

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The Infinite XP and Camo lobbies were in the spotlight months ago with popular streamer NICKMERCS instantly reaching level 1000 and unlocking every camouflage in War zone apparently joining a random public lobby. However, a hacker was present and forcibly changed everyone’s account using a Everyone Unlock tool. The existence of this unlocking tool has led many unsuspecting gamers to purchase services from these hackers for their own account. This unhealthy transaction not only creates a black market for hackers, but puts Call of Duty player accounts are at risk of being reset or banned altogether, whether or not they were involved.

Skill-based matchmaking and VPN usage

Call of Duty Warzone has built a large and loyal player base

Although not a traditional goal or a wallhack, the use of a VPN (virtual private network) has become extremely popular to connect to remote servers without skill-based matchmaking. Skill-based matchmaking is implemented in War zone pitting people against those with similar abilities to create more balanced and competitive matches. However, more remote server locations do not use this pairing system due to the low number of people, to prioritize starting games. Very experienced gamers and even content creators have used VPNs to ping these sparsely populated servers with much less experienced players.

This situation not only compromises the experience of native players on these servers but also the integrity of professionals. War zone competitions. Numerous War zone Professionals have been accused of using VPNs to boost their elimination scores when thousands of dollars are at stake. While not a traditional hack, VPNs are taken seriously by War zone community (as well as Raven Software) and will need to be addressed in the near future.

Like the new year of Call of Duty: The Vanguard approaches, a new anti-cheat has been promised, but details have not yet been revealed to the community. If Raven Software fails to resolve these issues with the release of Avant-garde, more of the community will likely continue to leave War zone in the hope of finding a game with a working and updated anti-cheat. Conversely, if the anti-cheat is successfully implemented, Call of Duty: War zone will surely see a resurgence of players waiting for action to be taken.

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