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Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. For the first few months following the release of the mobile game, individuals around the world could be seen wandering around aimlessly glued to their phones looking for Pokemon in the virtual world. Since the initial explosion in popularity, the game’s popularity has died down somewhat.

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Although it didn’t retain that initial fervor and incredible popularity, Pokemon Go still managed to remain one of the most popular mobile games out there. One of the coolest features added to the game since its release is the critical capture feature. Although it’s been around for a while now, there’s still a lot players don’t know about Critical Capture.

Updated July 13, 2022 by Gabrielle Huston: With a little more time to gather information, we know more about Critical Catch than ever! We’ve updated this article to be as accurate as possible.


9 What is a critical grip?

While some think that a critical catch simply increases the likelihood of catching a Pokemon, that’s not quite the case. In reality, critical capture is much better than that.

Whenever a player has the chance to initiate a critical capture during one of their Pokeball throws, the targeted Pokémon is captured instantly. Instead of shaking three times, it will only shake once.

8 It was released with Gen 2 Pokemon

This feature first appeared with the release of 2nd Generation Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Gamers were pleasantly surprised when they started noticing critical captures occurring in their games. Maybe they shouldn’t be, because it adds real-life Pokemon, where you can even visit Johto landmarks!

Since theThe 2nd generation is a fan favorite, it was the perfect opportunity for the creators of Niantic to add a new feature to the mobile game as well.

seven How do I know when a critical capture has occurred?

When a critical capture is successfully launched, a stream of fireworks appears to launch from the Pokeballs (seen on the right side of the image above). It seems like a celebration of rare achievement.

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If you ever get the chance to see your first critical catch, be on the lookout for the fireworks coming out of the Pokeballs. As long as you keep playing Pokemon Go long enough, it’s inevitable that you will eventually have the chance to see this very interesting feature.

6 Is not a “perfect” jet

A misconception surrounding the critical catch is that it is only initiated after a perfect throw. These players believe that if you bend the arc perfectly and hit the Pokemon’s target area just when the circle is smallest, that’s what creates a critical catch.

This theory couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how hard you throw a Pokeballs, you can’t create a critical catch. Players have no effect on the mysterious feature.


4 It’s Completely Random

Not only is this feature automatic, but it is also random. It is not known when a critical hold may appear/occur. Nothing you do will affect the frequency of its occurrence.

It’s important for players to understand. There are no special power-ups or Pokeballs which will increase or decrease your chances. If you’re lucky enough to get a few crits in a row, it was just luck.

3 Client side

The chance that a player can see a critical capture animation is entirely decided by the client side of Pokemon Go rather than the server side. This means that it’s the local Pokemon Go app on someone’s phone that randomly generates critical captures. The server simply records whether or not the Pokémon was captured, regardless of the method used for capture.

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Although it seems to open the system to possible malfeasance and hacking,the creators of Pokemon Go are very good at monitoring cheating in the game. This fun aspect of critical capture stays safe from the possibility of ill-intentioned players taking advantage of it to get an unfair head start on the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

2 1% of all throws

Thanks to regular Pokemon Go players, we have an idea of ​​how often this automatic random event occurs in the game. According to these players, the process occurs about 1% of the time.

Now, to be clear, that doesn’t mean that every 100 times you’ll see a critical catch. On average, over a long period of time, this will be the average. You might still be lucky enough to see a few in a row, or unlucky enough not to have a critical catch for a few hundred throws.

1 It even works on legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go Legendary

The most important question players of the game have about critical capture is “Does it work on legendary Pokemon?” The answer to this question is yes, it does. Although the odds are slim, if you’re lucky, you can get a Critical Catch to throw while throwing Pokeballs at a Legendary Pokemon.

Spawning a Critical Hold while trying to acquire one of these Pokémon gives players one of the best feelings imaginable. All that hard work ahead is suddenly gone, and this long-awaited and coveted character is finally on your list of cute little pocket monsters.

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