Everything you need to know about the orchid token (oxt)


Orchid is a cryptocurrency that allows the creation of a decentralized virtual private network (VPN). Orchid is developing a distributed VPN without trust through a user network on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike typical VPN companies that route all user traffic through a single platform.

Users have to pay for bandwidth using orchid cryptocurrency in order to use this service. The Orchid network is powered by the OXT crypto coin.

This Orchid OXT cryptocurrency tutorial will cover everything an investor needs to know about cryptocurrency, including:

• What is OXT Crypto and how does it work?

• What was the goal of Orchid Crypto?

• Orchid OXT Prize

• Is Orchid Crypto worth investing?

• What is Orchid Crypto and how can I invest in it?

What exactly is OXT and how does it work?

The Orchid Network is a peer-to-peer marketplace where VPN providers and network users can enter into agreements using the OXT token. Orchid is a decentralized global network of VPN service providers. On Orchid, you use the OXT token to buy bandwidth for private internet browsing and pay only for what you use. Instead of going through a single, centralized VPN service, you log into Orchid and partner with a reputable, high-quality VPN provider whenever you want to access the internet anonymously and securely.

Orchid acts as a decentralized marketplace for those who need bandwidth and others who want to sell it, bringing the two groups together. Orchid currency is the medium of exchange that they use to trade with each other.

In Orchid, there are two main parties involved. The first is for bandwidth consumers who want to use the Orchid app’s decentralized VPN service. The second group is Bandwidth Vendors, which are Orchid network nodes that trade bandwidth for OXT. When two users agree to share Orchid’s bandwidth (OXT), the peer-to-peer connection is encrypted and routed through the vendor’s internet servers.

What was the purpose of the crypto orchid?

The Orchid Room was created to power decentralized virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass some of the loopholes that plague standard VPNs.

The biggest and most visible vulnerability is that when all Internet traffic is routed through a single provider, that provider has the ability to use and abuse data. Despite the fact that some VPN providers do not monitor user activity, they can be subpoenaed by national governments and forced to transmit customer data of some sort.

Orchid’s approach, which uses a multi-hop configuration with multi-layered encryption through decentralized software, aims to overcome this critical flaw. The Orchid mobile app makes it easy to exchange bandwidth for OXT coins, allowing customers to enjoy a private browsing experience. Outside users, including the user’s ISP, are unable to observe what happens when Internet traffic is routed through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

OXT Token Staking by Crypto VPN Providers

It is also crucial to understand how the OXT crypto VPN network works with the OXT digital currency. VPN bandwidth providers must “stake” OXT, which means they must deposit OXT tokens with Orchid and wait three months to receive them in return. This encourages businesses to provide secure, high-quality bandwidth, and if they don’t, consumers have the opportunity to upgrade to a better provider. Suppliers cannot make money without consumers, so their interest in the network is locked in. As a result, it makes sense for them to put in the effort to provide their customers with secure and high quality bandwidth.


source: Capital.com

The more a vendor invests in Orchid, the more likely it is that the Orchid protocol will choose it to provide bandwidth to consumers. As a result, suppliers are rewarded for their attachment to the network, supporting a virtuous circle of increasing challenges and improving service quality. This is how a list of reputable and high quality suppliers is established.

Orchid is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which has seen its processing fees, often referred to as gas prices, rise as the number of transactions has increased. Due to the ERC-20 nature of the OXT cryptocurrency, payments over the network require ether to cover gas costs, exposing OXT users to high fees. To avoid the costs, Orchid Labs responded by introducing support for alternative blockchains that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). xDAI and the digital assets of other EVM-enabled blockchains can be used to buy and sell bandwidth.

OXT Crypto payment solution by Orchid Network

Users can pay only for the bandwidth they use using OXT tokens, rather than a predetermined amount or subscription as is often the case with centralized VPN providers. A user just needs to download the VPN software and add OXT to their wallet. Then, users can use a secure connection to access the Internet from anywhere in the world and “pay by packet,” which means they only pay for the websites they visit. You only pay for what you use, just like for electricity and other services.

The Orchid network uses a smart probabilistic nano-payment structure that allows you to pay for your internet usage using micropayments from your OXT wallet. These micropayments are not made on the Ethereum blockchain, which alleviates Ethereum’s processing power limitations. Instead, they happen in the background as you browse and are reconciled on the blockchain once a week. Orchid can provide flawless and secure service to millions of people at once thanks to its structure. It provides an additional degree of protection by limiting the exposure of user information when service transactions are uploaded to the public blockchain.

Orchid VPN gives you more privacy.

Orchid uses blockchain technology to keep user data secret in ways that standard VPN services cannot.

Since users have to pay for bandwidth using Orchid (OXT), it is expected that users can remain anonymous by not having to use traditional payment methods like a bank account. . While other VPN services provide more anonymous payment methods like gift cards, the Orchid team says using OXT is even more private.

The aspect that most sets Orchid VPN apart is its multifaceted approach to privacy. Rather than having a single server to build the private network, Orchid uses multi-layered encryption and many hops to bring many providers together.

In a virtual private network, a “hop” is a new connection. Many VPNs simply use a hop, which means that user traffic is routed from the user’s device to the VPN server and then to the destination. Orchid, on the other hand, allows for many hops, routing communication between various servers before it gets to its final destination.

Data is protected with every hop, and the theory is that as the number of hops increases, it becomes more difficult to connect internet traffic to its original source.

Is investing in Orchid Crypto a good idea?

The OXT coin had a market value of just $ 127.8 million as of March 2021, making it the 123rd cryptocurrency by market cap.

The lower the market capitalization of an asset, whether it is penny stocks or cryptocurrencies, the higher the risk and volatility. Because there is less money in the asset, the market can make big changes in a short period of time with relatively small amounts of money.

People who believe that the increasing use of the Orchid decentralized VPN service will cause the Orchid coin price to increase (as the coin is needed to use the VPN) may find cryptocurrency to be a worthwhile investment. However, no one has a firm opinion on the matter.

“Create open source software that keeps the Internet open and accessible,” explains Orchid.

The Orchid crypto is becoming more and more popular. Vast, a regional bank in the United States, said on September 29 that EXT is one of eight cryptocurrencies that consumers can buy, trade and store in its new Crypto Banking service. Vast has just been certified by the U.S. government as the first federally chartered bank to allow access to cryptocurrency through a checking account. On October 7, OXT was also listed on the LATOKEN stock exchange.

Orchid Labs upgraded the app on November 5, giving users greater control by making setup easier and introducing new features for multi-hop circuits for increased anonymity. Tours can now be purchased using both prepaid xDAI and OXT accounts.

On December 7, OXT was listed on Crypto.com, a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 10 million users worldwide, according to Orchid.

Before making an investment choice, we invite you to conduct your own research and assess the latest market trends, OXT news, technical and fundamental analysis, and expert opinion. Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Orchid Prize OXT

Orchid (OXT) is now trading at around $ 0.34. This is a decrease of 63% from the all-time high of $ 0.94 in August 2020 and a gain of 228% from the all-time low of March 2020. Despite the fact that the price of l ‘orchid will most likely be higher or lower by then. this article is published, these historical data points show how unpredictable an altcoin like Orchid can be.

In conclusion, speculative cryptocurrencies can be rewarding when the time is right, but investors who are willing to take the risk should be prepared to lose a lot of money. One of the best general investment guidelines is also a wise cryptocurrency rule: only risk what you can afford to lose when it comes to altcoins.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile assets, which makes them riskier to invest than other types of assets. Your tolerance for risk and the balance of your portfolio will determine whether OXT is the right investment for you. You should do your own research to see if this matches your investment goals. Keep in mind that past results are not always indicative of future results.

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