Final Fantasy 14 players irritated by new housing restrictions


Newfound Adventure also brings new housing to Final Fantasy 14, but its implementation by Square Enix leaves a lot to be desired by the playerbase.

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Final Fantasy 14 has always had a somewhat controversial form of rarity-based player housing, and while Square Enix developers have done their best to address issues over the years, the recent population boom in Endwalker made things more difficult for the players and the development team.

With the release of Newfound Adventure tomorrow April 12, Empyreum’s new Ishgard housing district opens as part of the new lottery system introduced as a way to give every player a fair chance to become a homeowner in the marketplace. limited accommodation. On paper, the launch of Empyreum adds 1,440 new housing plots per server for players to try their hand at. However, the fine print of this arrangement set by Square Enix caused a good reaction from the community.


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Of the twenty-four neighborhoods introduced in the new Final Fantasy 14 residential district, bidding for the first eighteen districts in the lottery is restricted to free businesses only – leaving only the last six districts to private owners. While Square Enix has gone out of its way to eliminate ways the new system could be abused by malicious parties, the problem – according to gamers – is in the numbers.

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The lottery system in Final Fantasy 14 works by allowing players to post a bid on a plot of their choice against other players seeking to claim ownership. They offer the full price, and if lost, they receive a full refund – provided they only bid for one parcel. However, where the idea of ​​bidding for 1,440 new plots seemed hopeful – given that the number of plots a server had now stood at 7,200 across all living quarters – the restrictions of purchase of neighborhoods have reduced this amount to only 360 for private property.

Final Fantasy 14 players wonder, perhaps rightly, if each server has 1,080 free businesses active enough to justify owning a domain in the Empyreum district. According to the biggest critics of the new system, the relationship between the ownership of private and free companies is too asymmetrical. Although Square Enix hasn’t commented on why it made this decision, the most plausible explanation is that it wants to guarantee a plot for every free company on the server that wants one.

The most likely outcome of this situation is that the restrictions taking effect tomorrow are temporary, and once the Ishgard housing market stabilizes in a few months, neighborhoods will open up properly.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4 and PS5.

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