Former HGTV Producers Launch The Host Co.


OAKLAND, California, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Former HGTV Producers Annie sloan and Mikel hubbard today announced the launch of their new business, The host company., an online shopping marketplace for short-term rentals. Designed for spaces like Airbnb, VBRO, and even Swimply, the service gives hosts the ability to add items for sale and increase revenue, while improving the customer experience.

The Host Co. adds the amenities that guests receive at a hotel, but have been missing from Airbnbs and other short-term rentals. Customers have access to select local products that they can ship home, such as artisan foods, and delivery services such as grocery delivery and rental car drop-off. This turns short-term rentals into more desirable destinations, connects and supports local manufacturers, and responds to customer demands. Across the world, there are over ten million short-term rentals. The Host Co. Marketplace works for everyone.

“We’re bringing the minibar and concierge to short-term rentals so guests can buy anything in the space, from snacks in the fridge to artwork on the walls,” says Sloan, co-founder of The Host Co. “Rental shopping has always been necessary and with this service we are filling this market gap.”

Sloan and Hubbard are no strangers to the real estate world. Former TV producers have helped launch and run a myriad of popular HGTV shows like Curb appeal, Smart landscape, Color spot, Find your style, and Design to sell. Since then, Hubbard has turned many properties into Airbnbs, and the co-founders are both successful Airbnb hosts.

“Annie and Mikel have identified a pressing need in the travel market and, more importantly, they are tackling it with energy and passion dedicated to success,” says Jocelyn Mangan, CEO and Founder of Him For Her and investor in The Host Co.

Developed using proprietary technology with built-in theft protection, the service is free for hosts, who create digital stores within the platform and determine the price of items they wish to sell or store. . Customers are given a link to access their store prior to their arrival and typically see a sign indicating the store (with a QR code) displayed in their Airbnb. When a guest opens the link, they can find items in the house that are for sale, local delivery services, and other local items to purchase. Purchases can be made by credit card, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Hosts receive 93 percent of all in-store sales. The Host Co. only earns a small commission.

During beta testing, 90% of customers visited their host’s store, especially when the host sent the link an hour after check-in. About 40% of customers bought products in the first month.

“My guests love the store,” says Nathalie Taylor, social media influencer and AirBnB hostess leveraging the Host Co platform .. “I am able to meet more of their needs, showcase cool products and earn more money with every booking. is totally a win-win. “

The company is currently rolling out the service for applicants on the Early User Waitlist. All are welcome to request early access here:


The Host Co. is a community, resource, and retail solution for short-term rental hosts and the guests they serve. The company was founded by two HGTV producers who became Airbnb hosts. Learn more at

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