Former talk show host to lead Public Lands Commission

Public Lands Commission (LR) Woody DaCosta (Chairman and BT Member), Sharon Roberts (Acting Secretary), Ezmie Smith (WB Member), Teddie Ebanks (Vice President and NS Member), Elsie Kynes (CYB Member), Jon Hall (Director of Lands and Survey), Shanna Myles (GT member), Shane Edwards (EE member) and David Fawcitt (nominated for DAL CEO)

(CNS): Woody DaCosta, former host of the now-canceled Cayman Crosstalk radio show, has been appointed chairman of the Public Lands Commission (PLC). While the host of what was then a popular show, DaCosta was a strong advocate for access rights to public beaches. His appointment comes at a crucial time as the Board of Directors deals with a number of legal matters, including one heard in court on Friday dealing with two public rights of way to Seven Mile Beach which were blocked by one of the Dart group companies during the construction of the controversial West Bay Road tunnel.

All new members of the land commission were in court for the case last week and DaCosta briefly addressed the court during discussions between the parties on how Dart will create new hotspots to make up for those lost. in the tunnel. Highlighting the new appointments to the commission, he noted their intention to ensure the protection of the rights of the public.

In a press release announcing the appointment of the new commission, Lands Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly wished the council the best of luck in its deliberations in the best interest of the public.

The Public Lands Commission (PLC) was established in 2017 by the Public Lands Act (2017) and its main objective is to regulate the use and enjoyment of public lands by members of the public and to protect the right to access and use of public lands. , public land, including access to the shore.

However, it took a while after its inception for the commission to get to the point where it was functioning properly, and over the past four years it has mainly focused on removing blocked access points.

The LPC is also responsible for advising the director general of the ministry on general policies regarding law enforcement and in particular enforcement matters.

See the complete program of the new commission in the SNC Library.

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