G-Core Labs Launches Public Cloud PoP in Sydney


Luxemburg – June 9, 2022G-Core Laboratories, a global cloud and edge solutions provider, has bolstered its global infrastructure by launching a new public cloud point of presence (PoP) in Sydney, Australia. Users now have access to the company’s virtual machines and powerful bare metal servers, providing Australian businesses and companies that are going to start operations in APAC the infrastructure for profitable operation and rapid growth.

The new location ensures minimal latency for end users. With this new public cloud PoP, users will be able to create virtual cloud networks, set up private clusters, manage loads, and perform resource-intensive tasks in a secure cloud. G-Core Labs’ offering is unique from other cloud providers due to its ecosystem of additional services, which includes powerful CDN and DNS hosting already operational in Australia. Moreover, G-Core Labs cloud users can quickly access not only virtual machines, but also bare metal servers.

“With the help of our new service, Bare-Metal-as-a-Service, a user can get a ready-to-use dedicated server as easily as a virtual server. Just choose the right features, connect a public, private or multiple networks at once, and within minutes the physical server will be up and running,” says Andre Reitenbach, CEO of G-Core Labs.

He added: “Bare metal nodes are suitable for tasks where virtualization is not applicable, including the deployment of resource-intensive applications such as game servers and databases, as well as the creation of storage in the public cloud, using them as hypervisors and running containers.”

Bare metal servers offer an additional advantage over virtual machines: better security. G-Core Labs bolsters this protection using an advanced suite of cybersecurity tools, combining Intel SGX encryption technology, DDoS protection, and web application firewall solutions to provide users with protection against all types possible attacks.

This latest expansion into Australia is part of G-Core’s ongoing efforts to build global cloud infrastructure. Public clouds are already available from more than 15 other locations around the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo in the APAC region, and the cloud and edge specialist continues to expand and increase capacity, targeting over 40 additional cloud points of presence globally in the near future. .

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