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GitHub Enterprise Server is available in version 3.2 with over 70 innovations. They concern, among other things, the storage of credentials in the Git Credential Manager Core, new options for managing continuous delivery workflows and a choice between light mode and dark mode.

In version 3.2, GitHub extends the integration with GitHub Actions which started a year ago: the new version allows the management of continuous delivery workflows using the CI / CD platform using environments – including environmental protection rules and environmental secrets. Available in GitHub Actions since June, these features could previously only be used in private repositories of the GitHub Enterprise Cloud and in public repositories.

Using protection rules, environments can be configured such that certain conditions must be met for workflow work to continue with reference to the environment. These can be manual reviews by one of the six previously defined reviewers or the elapse of a certain amount of time, which can be set to a maximum of 30 days.

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 unterstützt GitHub Actions Environments inclusive Environment Protection Rules.

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Environment secrets are located in an environment and are only available to the workflow jobs to which they refer. However, if the environment requires manual approval by one of the specified reviewers, the job can only access secrets after approval is given.

Version 3.2 incorporates new security features. Credentials can now be saved in the Git Credential Manager (GCM) kernel, which also supports multi-factor authentication. In Git for Windows version 2.32 or higher, GCM Core is automatically integrated. For Linux and macOS, it can be downloaded separately.

In addition, personal access tokens (PAT) can have a deactivation date when they are created; seven days are selected by default. Until now, PATs were valid indefinitely, unless they were manually disabled. If there is a leak, it could lead to a security breach. Domains can now also be verified to ensure that only these can receive email notifications for private GitHub deployments.

Dark themes known since the release candidate have appeared in the final version: in addition to the previous light mode, darkened dark mode or dark mode can now also be set. For more meaningful bug reports, version 3.2 allows placing videos in issues and pull requests.

All additional details on GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 are on the GitHub blog as read in the release notes.


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