GTA Online Criminal Enterprises lets businesses run solo


Rockstar Games has finally informed GTA Online players of the new content coming soon via a Newswire post. The Criminal Enterprises DLC will drop on July 26 and will bring a host of changes along with the ability to conduct all business activities in private sessions.

Previously, players had to join public sessions to stock up or sell inventory/crates. This new change will allow players to earn money in peace without worrying about the sorrows that follow them.

Criminal Enterprises DLC brings good news to grinders in GTA Online

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GTA Online players are just five days away from Rockstar’s promised major summer update. Although players have learned a lot from the leaks provided by Tez2 and alloca8or a few days ago, this information is official.

The online community has been unhappy with the state of the game for some time now. Grievances usually point to the toxic nature of lobbies and restrained griefs.

Doing sales assignments, whether for CEO Offices, Nightclub, MC Businesses or Bunker, was a nightmare. The global signal alerted all players to the location of the moving cargo. Unfortunately, players can only conduct these trade activities in public lobbies.

“And regardless of the criminal career path you have chosen, all business activities, including Sell ​​missions – will now be available to play in private sessions (by invitation only, crew and friends) as part of The Criminal Enterprises.

With the Criminal Enterprises DLC, however, players will be able to work in peace. Based on Rockstar’s Newswire update, players will be allowed to source and sell products in all lobbies. This includes:

  • Invite only rooms
  • Crew halls
  • Halls of friends
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Players are already expressing their joy at the coming change on social media. The GTA Online community has, for years, been unhappy about only being able to sell shares in public lobbies.

Apart from this major change, there are a few more changes that will make earning money a bit easier. Associates, MC Members and Bodyguards will now receive higher salaries. This will encourage players to band together to complete missions.

Payout for the following heists has also been increased:

  • Job Fleeca
  • Prison Break
  • Series A Funding
  • Raid Humane Labs
  • The Pacific Standard Heist
  • Apocalyptic heist

This change will be welcomed by players who have constantly crushed Cayo Perico or the Diamond Casino Heist to win tons of money.

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The DLC will also increase payouts on Race and Adversary modes, leveling the meta even further.

“Look for more details on all the new gameplay and balance changes on the Rockstar Newswire when Criminal enterprises launches July 26 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

There will definitely be more changes, as noted by Rockstar. However, GTA Online players will have to wait for the DLC to drop first.

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