How do I access the complete guide to the Dark Web?

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How do I access the complete guide to the Dark Web?

The dark web can be thought of as area 51 of the internet. Not everyone knows of its existence. It is dangerous, full of controversy, and requires special effort to locate and enter it.

It is a black market for criminals who congregate there in the shelter of the law to conduct various dirty businesses. Although generally this is a bad place, it can also become a good place to visit on very rare occasions.

One of the ways to access the dark web is to use a Tor browser. One of the main reasons for using the dark web is to obtain anonymity. Unfortunately, with just the Tor browser this is not possible.

This means that without a proper security and privacy tool such as a VPN, your Internet service provider can see what you are doing on the Internet.

Not just any virtual private network would do the job for you. You would specifically need one of the more secure and fastest VPN providers in the world to navigate the dark web alleys quickly and securely.

How to access the Dark Web [Step-By-Step Guide]

Let’s see the steps to access the dark canvas.

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable virtual private network.

Make sure the VPN provider you select for this job offers strong security and encryption features like military-grade AES-256-bit encryption and internet kill switch.

Step 2: Download and install the VPN app on your device.

Leading VPN providers offer compatible VPN apps for various devices and operating systems. You can install the app of your choice from the official website of the VPN provider.

Step 3: Log into the app and connect to a VPN server.

Using the connection information provided by the VPN provider, connect to the VPN app and then connect to the VPN server closest to your current location for the fastest connection speeds.

Step 4: Download Tor

Download Tor from the Download Center on their official website. Currently, they offer apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Step 5: Install Tor

Launch the downloaded installation file. It will ask you for your preferred installation language. Choose and complete the entire installation process.

Step 6: Connect / Configure Tor

Once Tor is fully installed, you will be presented with two options, namely “Connect” or “Configure”. If you are using a restricted network such as an office, hospital, school, bank, library, or any other location, Tor will confirm if it is censored there.

On the other hand, if you are not present in a restricted network environment, you can simply click “Connect” and start using Tor browser.

Now that you know how to access the dark web, we’ve thought to share some useful resources with you.

Even though we have said that these resources are beneficial, it still doesn’t mean that you let your guard down. Accessing these resources without VPN protection leaves you vulnerable to various online threats like hackers, hackers, Trojans, malware and God knows what else.

However, if you are equipped with the necessary precautions, then you will be able to enjoy some of the positive benefits that the dark web has to offer, such as:

  • Ability to speak freely. People residing in countries with very strict internet restrictions, censorship and online surveillance can use this medium to speak without risking exposure.
  • Possibility of exposing criminals or corrupt public figures. People associated with various media often receive or share information or even unmask certain people.
  • Cheaper products. The dark web can also be used to purchase various electronic or security items at lower prices. However, you still need to use cryptocurrency to purchase such items.
  • Anonymous communication. The dark web is home to several communities and support groups to communicate with others without revealing your true identity.
  • Medical assistance. You can even find doctors on the dark web to discuss your health concerns. This is especially useful for those who want to keep their personal health issues down or who simply don’t have the funds to go to a clinic.

Additional Precautions for the Dark Web

Here are some common security precautions to take when browsing the dark web.

Use anti-virus software. It will add a layer of protection to keep your device safe from various online threats. Make sure to update your software frequently.

If you must use an email address on the dark web, be sure to use a fake email address. Do not use your legitimate email address in forums, chat rooms, or discussion groups on the dark web.

Make sure you don’t use anything that might reveal your identity. For example, strictly avoid using your real name, phone number, or even your photo.

If you are buying something on the dark web, use cryptocurrency as it is completely anonymous. Do not provide your financial information on the dark web at any cost.

If your device has GPS or location service features, be sure to turn them off before visiting the dark web. These geographic features can reveal your real location to anyone on the Internet.


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