How to create a private GTA Online server in 2021

GTA Online is a tough and competitive environment with many types of players. This can often be an incredibly frustrating experience, which is why players may opt for a more relaxed alternative.

Players may even end up getting bored with the tedious and repetitive aspects of the game and simply wanting something new. Others prefer to play only with their friends, without hackers or the usual GTA Online mechanics. Fortunately, all of these players have a simple solution.

FiveM is a mod for GTA 5 that allows the creation of custom multiplayer servers. This is different from GTA Online, and it also led to the rise in popularity of GTA 5 RP. This article explains how gamers can create a private online server using FiveM.

Create a private GTA Online server in 2021

GTA Online players are well aware that the use of mods in GTA Online is strictly prohibited. In fact, playing the game after installing a mod for the story mode is quite risky and can result in a ban. However, there is no such risk with FiveM because technically it does not use GTA Online at all.

This mod uses dedicated private servers to play GTA 5 in multiplayer mode. Players who wish to create their own private server must first download the FiveM mod from here.

After that, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to FiveM website and click on Create your own server > Host your own server. This opens the documentation explaining how to create a private server.
  • Download and install Visual C ++ Redistributable 2019 or newer from the given link near the top.
  • To create a server folder anywhere on the computer and create two subfolders inside. One should be named artifacts, and the other should be called The data.
  • Click on the artifact server link from the same documentation page and download the latest recommendation version depending on the operating system.
  • Extract the in the previously created artifacts folder.

The next steps are a bit more complicated, which is why players should follow this link. They can also follow the steps in this image:

There are 14 steps in total (Image via
There are 14 steps in total (Image via

Players must register a license key on the Keymaster service. The IP address must match the public IP address on which they will use the key first. It can be used on any IP address after that, but only one server can be used at a time.

Note: players will first need to create an account on to access the Keymaster

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