How to turn on / off iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15


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Check how to turn on / off iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15

Apple announced an iCloud + service alongside iOS 15 that brings additional capabilities to its premium iCloud plans (updated iCloud storage levels start at $ 0.99). ICloud Private Relay is one such capability, and it is intended to encrypt all communication leaving your device so that it cannot be intercepted or read by anyone.

Private Relay redirects web traffic to an Apple-managed server that drops the IP address. After your IP address, location, and browsing activity have been deleted, Apple sends traffic to a second server operated by an external company, which assigns a temporary IP address, then forwards the traffic to its destination, preventing your address IP’s, location and browsing activity so that they are not used to create a profile about you. Apple claims that the inclusion of an outside company in the relay system was done on purpose to prevent anyone, including Apple, from knowing the identity of a user and the website they are accessing. ??

On an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15, the steps below show you how to turn Private Relay on and off.

How to turn iCloud private relay on and off

  • Start the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Tap your name at the top of the main settings menu.
  • Faucet iCloud.
  • Faucet Private relay.
  • Turn on / off the switch next to ICloud Private Streaming. If you turn it off, touch Deactivate private relay to confirm.
  • With private relay activated, by pressing IP address location you can use the default Maintain general location possibility to keep the local content when browsing, or to modify it at least geographically and more private Use country and time zone option.

Final words: How to turn on / off iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15

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