How To Watch 1883 & Stream The Yellowstone Prequel Online From Where You Are


Saddle up Yellowstone fans because the previous spinoff is here, giving us the backstory of the Dutton Clan and their trip to Montana and how they got so rowdy. Starring real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, read on for how to watch 1883 online with the Yellowstone prequel available exclusively with a Paramount Plus subscription.

Also starring beautifully mustached Sam Elliot as Shea Brennan, 1883 tells the origin story of the Duttons as they flee their ordeal-stricken lives in Texas for a better life in the West. The portrayal of Elliot rooted in the melancholy cowboy, Brennan, is tasked with leading a group of families through the Great Plains in the still wild state of Montana, inevitably where the Duttons will build their farm from scratch.

Exclusive to Paramount Plus, continue reading below for how to watch 1883, the prequel to Yellowstone, online wherever you are.

How to watch 1883 online in the United States

How to watch 1883 online in Canada

How to watch 1883 online in Australia

Can you watch 1883 online in UK?

How to watch 1883 online from anywhere

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