How to Watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2022 Online Free Anywhere


Want to start the New Year with a smile from ear to ear? Then watch the second seasonal special in Brendan O’Carroll’s beloved series, starring quick-witted matriarch Agnes Brown. Warm and great fun, read on below for how to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Years Special online. And let’s just pray that 2022 isn’t a disaster!

The recent Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special was a good evening. So, since your champagne headache was gone on January 1st at 10pm, you can enjoy another round of loud entertainment with the New Years episode, “Mammy’s Mickey”.

The incumbent Mickey is an ex-convict of Liverpudlian who goes to the Browns to see his grandfather, his brother. He tries to convince his distant brother to invest 5,000 € for a “South African gold mine”, but the outspoken mother of six intervenes to stop the scam.

Mickey is played by John Masterson, producer of the original Mrs Browns Boys and Treasure Island from 1997. He will join the main cast alongside Brendan O’Carroll as Agnes, Eilish O’Carroll. as Winnie, Paddy Houlihan as Dermot and Danny O’Carroll as Buster, his stupid best friend.

It will be reconciliations, hearts to hearts, and lots of laughs! So if you’re in the mood for another trip to Mrs Browns, our guide below explains how to watch Mrs Browns Boy’s New Year’s Day Special 2021 online – and totally FREE through BBC iPlayer.

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How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 for free in the UK

How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 online from anywhere in the world?

If you are outside the UK this Christmas, unfortunately you will not be able to access your usual VOD services from abroad or access BBC iPlayer.

But you must not miss the boisterous antics of Mrs. Brown and her offspring. Although geographic restrictions prevent you from accessing certain services and content, you can bypass them by downloading a VPN or virtual private network.

It is completely legal, very affordable and easy to use. Moreover, it also encrypts your browsing and provides additional protection against cyber criminals.

Use a VPN to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special online from anywhere

Using a VPN is as easy as one-two-three …

1. Download and install a VPN – as they say, our first choice is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the correct server location – open the VPN app, press ‘choose location’ and select the appropriate location (a server in UK in this case)

3. Access the stream of the broadcaster – head over to BBC iPlayer and start watching Mrs Brown’s Boys New Years special as if you are back home

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Can I watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 online anywhere else in the world?

Unless you are a UK citizen, your New Year is unlikely to start with the warm laughter of Mrs Brown’s boys. At the height of Mrs Brown’s Boys’ popularity, the series aired on BBC Canada, BBC America and Seven Network in Australia. The seasonal specials, however, don’t appear to have international airing for months later. At least, that appears to be the case on Seven Network in Australia, which aired last year’s special in April 2021.

However, there is good news for international fans of the series. Each season and special episode previously aired are available to stream on BritBox in America, Canada, and Australia, for $ 6.99, CAD $ 8.99 and AUS $ 8.99 per month respectively, and new subscribers can get one. 7-day FREE trial before spending money. The wrong side? We expect a few months of waiting before the arrival of the 2021/2022 seasonal specials on the streaming platform Brit-tastic.

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