How to watch Servant of the People with Volodymyr Zelenskyy online from anywhere


Channel 4 has bought the rights to Servants of the People, the political satire that served as a precursor to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s journey to become President of Ukraine. With many territories around the world vying for the licensing rights to the 2015 TV show, we’ve detailed how to watch Servants of the People online from anywhere – with those in the UK able to watch for free on All 4.

Watch Servant of the People

Broadcasting date : 2015-2019

Total seasons: 3 (51 episodes)

Creators: Volodymyr Zelensky

To throw: Volodymry Zelenskyy, Galina Bezruk, Anna Koshmal, Stanislav Boklan, Yevhen Koshovyi, Elena Kravets

Stream for FREE in the UK: Channel 4 / All 4 (UK)

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It doesn’t get much more meta than the premise of Servant of the People – a high school history teacher, Vasyl Goloborodko (Zelenskyy), becomes president after a recording of him ranting about corruption in Ukraine goes viral.

Landing the top job, the show follows Vasyl’s struggles to manage his new responsibilities in power in this brilliant political satirical comedy, the first three episodes of which are now available to watch on the All4 streaming service.

Created by Zelenskyy, Servant of the People inspired the creation of the Ukrainian political party of the same name in 2018, with Volodymyr Zelenskyy later elected President of Ukraine in April 2019.

With people eager to tune in, Channel 4 will add the entire first two seasons to All4 in the coming weeks. Read below for all the details on how to watch Servant of the People online from anywhere.

How to watch Servant of the People online for free

How to watch Servant of the People online from anywhere in the world

If you are overseas, you will not be able to watch Servant of the People online outside of the UK due to geo-restrictions on all 4 content.

If you’re eager to watch Ukrainian political satire, you’ll need a VPN service or virtual private network to bypass geo-blocks. Completely legal, it is also very affordable, easy to use and capable of encrypting your browsing and better strengthening your online security against cybercriminals and government spying.

Use a VPN to watch Servant of the People from anywhere

How to Use a VPN

Using a VPN is as easy as one-two-three…

1. Download and install a VPN – our #1 pick is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the appropriate server location – open the VPN app, tap “choose location” and select the appropriate location (for All 4 a server in the UK)

3. Access the stream of the broadcaster – head to the 4 and start watching Servant of the People as if you were back home

Volodymry Zelenskyy in Servant of the People

(Image credit: Kvartal 95)

American flag

USA: How to watch Servant of the People on YouTube

While Servant of the People was once available to stream on Netflix in multiple territories, its licensing deal ended before Zelenskyy ran for president with no other service yet to sweep the rights in the United States. . However, those in the US can watch full episodes on Youtube.

How to watch Servant of the People online elsewhere in the world

As overseas broadcasters seek to air Servant of the People on their national channels, here are the countries and channels where episodes are readily available to stream now.

  • Belarus – Belarus-1
  • France – art
  • Germany – art
  • Greece – ANT1
  • Middle East – MBG
  • Romania – Pro TV
  • Russia – TNT (only the pilot episode)
  • Ukraine – 1+1


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