IDrive® Compute expands internationally and introduces Edge Computing sites across Europe


IDrive® calculationa high-performance VPS hosting solution from IDrive Backup with an international network of state-of-the-art computing locations, has expanded further by adding a number of data centers across Europe. This allows developers and businesses based anywhere Europe to host multiple virtual instances on an infrastructure loaded with powerful physical servers and robust hardware resources, all managed offsite at the nearest edge location for optimal performance.

As IDrive® Compute continues to grow and become more popular among users around the world, the company has made it a priority to add these data centers to ensure that these users receive a faster response when collecting , analysis and transmission of data, instead of directing to a cloud or a centralized server.

The new peripheral locations which are distributed in Europe are London, amsterdam, Frankfurtand Madridmaking business operations more efficient for users across the EU and promoting a well-functioning business ecosystem to maximize productivity.

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Following the addition of the Dublin edge center, one of the reasons IDrive chose to expand further across Europe other than providing all users with the fastest performance possible, is due to the increase in the supply of renewable energy for data centers, which is currently driving the data center energy market in Europe according to Europe Data Center Energy Market – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2022-2027.

With IDrive® Compute, enterprises, and developers can create and manage multiple VMs, run projects with little to no latency, schedule backups for instances, take real-time snapshots, and add more space to them with live storage. block. The VPS infrastructure allows users to host IT projects of any scale and size.

I drive® Compute offers pay-as-you-go pricing with on-demand scalability, giving businesses the ability to scale their IT infrastructure as needed. Pricing remains consistent across all regions, with no hidden fees for specific regions.

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