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Becoming a CEO in GTA Online grants you permanent VIP status and control over exclusive police, weapons and vehicles. Here’s how to register as a CEO in GTA Online.

GTA V was already loaded with content but GTA online added a ton of other mechanics for players to explore. They can take on criminal careers, carry out burglaries and, most importantly, play with friends.

GTA Online also lets you buy an office and start a business. Here’s how you can sign up as a CEO in GTA Online and permanently unlock exclusive vehicles and hire bodyguards.

How to become CEO in GTA Online

Open the Interactive menu in GTA Online, select SecuroServthen choose the Register as CEO option. You can open the Interaction menu by pressing M on PC, holding down the touchpad on PlayStation, and pressing the View button on Xbox.

That said, you can only register as a CEO after purchasing an office.

How to buy an office in GTA Online

Follow these steps to buy an office in GTA Online:

  • Open your in-game phone and in the Sponsored Advertising section, search for Dynasty8Executive.
  • Open the website and choose the executive desk you want.

In GTA Online, you can purchase the following desks:

  • Lombank West for $3,100,000
  • Arcadius Business Center for $2,250,000
  • Labyrinth Bank Tower for $4,000,000
  • Maze Bank West for $1,000,000

Obviously, you need at least $1,000,000 to register as a CEO in GTA Online. When purchasing an office, you can add gun lockers, safes, and living quarters, and hire an assistant, but this will increase the price.

An office in GTA 5

Benefits of becoming a CEO in GTA Online

Becoming a CEO in GTA Online is desirable due to a ton of cool perks, including:

  • Create vehicles, including helicopters, for yourself and other members of the organization.
  • Hide organization members from the minimap.
  • Bribe the police for only $15,000.
  • Drop off items so members can pick them up for less.
  • Manage warehouses that generate huge profits.
  • Manage other businesses like import/export and nightclubs that require you to have an office.

CEO vs. VIP in GTA Online

You can register as a VIP from SecuroServ in the GTA Online Interaction menu. You get this option if you don’t have an office and it costs $50,000.

Becoming a VIP gives you all the luxury a CEO enjoys, but only for four hours. Therefore, the option is recommended for players who do not have enough funds to buy a desk but want to experience the lifestyle of a CEO.

A VIP in GTA 5

On the other hand, you never lose your CEO status in GTA Online unless you quit.

That was all you needed to know to register as a CEO in GTA Online. For more GTA Online content, check out all Skate Park locations in GTA Online and where the police station is in GTA Online.

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