Is the NordVPN app worth the money?


Available on computer, iOS and Android, the NordVPN The service and app can change the way you spend hours on social media and the internet across all your devices. Founded in 2012 (via NordVPN’s about page), the service was started by childhood friends who noticed “increasing internet censorship, content scrutiny, and intrusive government surveillance”. As a result, they felt the need to create “an internet security tool” that was “easily accessible to everyone”.

NordVPN offers a myriad of services through its subscription plans (via feature pages). This includes a threat protection service that protects your internet usage from ads, trackers and malware, in addition to secure and private internet access. As they write on their website, using the service no one can “get their hands on your data online, or find your real IP address and location.” NordVPN also delivers faster, more stable internet speeds thanks to its “unbeatable combination of rock-solid security, fast connection speed, and unlimited bandwidth,” according to the site.

NordVPN offers many other services on its platform and updates them regularly to keep them up-to-date and secure. Moreover, they regularly introduce new features, which add to the overall experience of feeling safe while surfing the web.


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