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The virtual gaming industry is important and although it is starting to integrate advances in blockchain and cryptocurrency, it still has a long way to go to reach its full potential.

Block2Play is a gaming platform that allows its users to play a real role-playing game, which also gives them the opportunity to earn real money.

What is Block2Play?

Block2Play is a decentralized gaming platform that aims to provide gamers around the world with a real role-playing experience. The platform is tokenized and therefore every player has the opportunity to earn money while playing the game through missions, jobs and events.

The role-playing game would be based on GTA5 and would be limited to 5,000 players. These 5000 players would be further divided into 4000 regular users who would be billed 50 euros and receive a random item in the game. VIP users who would be billed a one-time fee of 500 euros and 50 euros per month, receive 5 random items and a chance to choose their own faction. This group has a limit of only 1000 players.


Players on Block2Play would be given the opportunity to create their own characters in as much detail as possible before starting the game. They would be allowed to customize the skin color, height, stature and facial features of their characters. Once the character is finalized, it cannot be changed later. Players can, however, change the hair color and styles of the character in the game as much as they can.

Characters in the game should drink, eat, and sleep like in real life, and in order to progress in the game, a character should develop skills and outward appearance. This would allow them to get better jobs and advance in their career path.

Players would be given the opportunity to do so and progress through the game by completing missions, events, jobs, and criminal activity.

Jobs and factions

Block2Play would allow players to select jobs from a list of legal and illegal jobs. Legal jobs range from bus driver, waiter, truck driver, firefighter, manager to auto mechanic, lawyer, garbage collector, and more. Illegal jobs include bank robber, dealer, con artist, burglar, document forger, car thief, etc.

Factions are business models accessed through the in-game VIP user accounts. Being part of a faction helps players earn money faster and easier. Factions are divided into public faction groups (gas station, law firms, car dealers, mafia, motorcycle clubs, etc.) and state faction groups (police, banking, intelligence, politician, etc.) .

The marketplace

Block2Play’s marketplace allows players to directly purchase items that are regularly available in limited numbers and in editions directly on the platform. Players also have the ability to buy, sell, and trade items from each other. They can do this at a fixed price or at an auction. Slot machines can also be sold in the market.

A 10% fee is applicable for each purchase from the Marketplace which is used to give bonus rewards from missions and events. NFTs can also be traded in the market. There are 3 categories of NFTs: Regular, Rare, and Epic.

Missions and events

Players are allowed to play missions once per week and each player has a chance to win bonus prizes (cash prizes or items). Although each player only has one chance to play the mission, they can choose to play with their friends or gang members in order to increase their chances of winning.

Events take place over the weekend and players must register in advance to participate. They have a chance to earn the Premium bonus by winning the events.

B2P Token

The Block2Play (B2P) token is the utility token of the platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC was chosen for the token to ensure that all players and investors have the opportunity to be a part of the Block2Play platform and that it remains scalable.

The B2P token has a total supply of 1,000,000 at launch, of which 100,000 tokens will be distributed to pre-sale investors through Airdrop. It would remain blocked for a period of 6 months after its launch and would not be available for sale to maintain price stability.

The remaining 900,000 tokens will go on public sale on the 15the October 2021 on PancakeSwap.

Token printing and staking

B2P tokens would have a built-in printing system, which means that every day 500 new B2P tokens would be printed from the 1st October 2021. These new tokens could be burned, locked, or distributed among players as wagering rewards.

As part of its staking system, Block2Play allows its players and users to link their tokens in the back office of the website and receive a reward from the printing process.


Block2Play offers its users a role-playing game that allows them to earn real money through missions, events and jobs. Outside of Jobs, Factions, and Events; The platform also allows users to buy NFTs which can be traded in the marketplace and on each NFT platform of the Binance Smart Chain.

While the official platform server will be launched on 1st January 2022, its beta server would be online on the 1stst October 2021. VIP users would have the chance to play the game and test its features before the official launch.

Block2Play aims to provide its players the opportunity to win real money while playing an online game.

For more information on Block2Play, please visit their website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid article and should not be treated as news / advice.



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