Kangana Ranaut slams Anjali Arora for Payal Rohatgi age-shaming on Lock Upp: ‘Will you call me aunt or buddhi?’ Watch | Web series


In the latest episode of reality show Lock Upp, host Kangana Ranaut took offense to some ageist statements from contestant Anjali Arora. In a previous episode, Anjali referred to other contestants as “buddhi (old woman)”. During Saturday’s episode of Judgment Day, Kangana harshly criticized her for her comments and berated her for using that tone. (Read also : Lock Upp’s Tehseen Poonawalla tells Kangana Ranaut her ‘secret’: ‘A top industrialist asked me to sleep with his wife’)

During the episode, Kangana took Anjali to task for her comments from earlier in the week. Speaking to the social media influencer, the actor said in Hindi, “Anjali, the one who is a bit older than you, they are all buddhe (old). What will you call me now? Aunty or buddhi (old woman)? I come under? Anjali tried to clarify saying she says it because she is ‘targeted’ for her age. “For every little thing, they target me because I’m young,” she told Kangana.

Nisha Rawal, who was on the receiving end of Anjali’s comments, then responded by saying, “I got really offended because I think that’s really not a nice and decent way to talk like that.” Kangana again turned his attention to Anjali and said, “When you talk about such things, what do you call yourself if not a child.”

On a recent episode of Lock Upp, Anjali had a verbal argument with fellow contestants Nisha and Payal Rohatgi. When Payal called her a child and asked her to “learn from more experienced people”, Anjali retaliated and said, “Haan toh buddhon ke liye bhi nahi jagah nahi hai na ye…bachchon ke saamne buddhe khade hain (This place is also not for old people, who stand in front of children.) Nisha then got into an argument with Anjali over her comments.

On the video of the exchange shared by Alt Balaji on Instagram, many fans applauded Kangana for scolding Anjali for her shameful comments. A few, however, pointed out that Kangana and other contestants calling her “bachchi (little girl)” were no better. One viewer commented, “Anjali calling buddhi its age disgrace and they called bachchi its not age disgrace?”

Lock Upp is a reality show where contestants are locked in a prison with no basic amenities and they have to participate in tasks to earn their basic requirements and needs. Kangana is the host of the show. It airs on Alt Balaji and MX Player every seven days with episodes of Kangana’s Judgment Day airing on weekends at 10:30 p.m.


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