Laura Ingraham mocked Twitter for claiming “viewers love TV without a clock”


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Laura Ingraham, like many in popular conservative media circles, loves to use the “awake” dog whistle to signal her viewers that she wants to make sure any different call from their end is an attack. Once again, the Fox News host aired a segment of her show claiming “viewers love no-wake TV” and discussing Netflix’s success You, prompting Twitter to launch virtual tomatoes with the “attempt” of humor.

During the segment broadcast on Ingraham’s Angle, Ms. “Shut Up and Dribble” herself appeared in a somewhat funny segment of her show that seemed almost ripped off. Onion. Again, the term “awakened” has been co-opted by conservative pundits to encompass anything that denounces their bigotry and clumsy idiocy, and it seems armed to denounce any attempt at decent human interactions on the part of anyone who isn’t. disagree with his policy. .

Essentially the dumbest version of Tucker Carlson, Ingraham has the uncanny ability to be stern while delivering some of the dumbest opinions known to man. His positions are tailored to Fox loyalists and offer nothing real against what Tories see as “awake” other than leaning more into their schtick.

How the whole You The series being mentioned is one of the dumbest things you’ll see in the media for a while. Ingraham and his guest Raymond Arroyo embark on a game of “Who’s On First” which shows how awkward and not funny Ingraham is.

Ingraham and Carlson continue to trot theories and bring guests to the program who won’t call their tactics, but instead, only those who support and pamper their narrow views seem to shine. To be fair, other big networks use the same painfully obvious trick to push ideals down viewers’ throats, but at least anyone outside of Fox News seems to be being honest about it.

Check out Twitter’s reactions below.

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