Leading Jewish LGBTQ Activist Yuval David Wins Emmy Award as Host of ‘One Actor Short’


The series showcases a unique approach to making films of street people with remarkable creativity, entering public spaces and bringing together a diverse cross-section of humanity – spontaneously throwing them as actors in its film. It creates an opportunity for them to be playful and spontaneous in front of the camera, which David calls “turning a space into a brave space”.

“I’m very happy to have won this Emmy award,” an ecstatic David said at the Emmy Awards ceremony, hosted by the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter. “Receiving an award is very meaningful. It’s wonderful to be recognized and recognized for my work. But getting the job done, collaborating with others, is the best reward. I’m so grateful to everyone who has joined me in this trip.”

This radically innovative and daring series includes four different episodes available to the public: a police procedural drama, a romantic comedy, a sports film and a film about the end of the world. “One Actor Short” has become a festival favorite, winning over 55 awards at international film festivals.

As David’s career grows as an actor, host, director and filmmaker, he makes a difference every day as a socio-political activist. Recently, he met with government officials in the nation’s capital to find ways to rescue LGBTQ people internationally, who are persecuted and need help escaping dangerous situations.

He is active in the fight to stop the rise of hatred towards Jews. David regularly speaks out and advocates on behalf of marginalized individuals and communities, including focusing on self-expression through art and creativity in pursuit of social change.

“One Actor Short” has been featured and recognized as a winner at numerous international film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Film Festival and Hollywood Just4Shorts Film Competition, Top Shorts Film Festival, Vegas CineFest International Film Festival, IndieFest, Accolade Global Film Festival, Best Shorts Film Festival, New York Film Awards, Kosice International Film Festival, and prague International Film Festival, among others.

The “One Actor Short” series can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.

As an actor, David performs lead roles in film, television, theatre, web and digital media, as well as voice overs. His acting roles include leading and guest star roles on NBC, ABC, CBS, Showtime, Disney, DreamWorks, Comedy Central, countless independent films, Broadway, off-Broadway, theaters across the United States- United and abroad, including film festivals and theater festivals.

As a filmmaker, David directs, writes and produces feature and short films, documentaries, web series as well as digital and episodic television content. His other narrative and documentary films and episodic series, including web series, have also received numerous awards, including Best Film, Best Short Film, Best Series, and for Yuval in particular as Best Director, best actor, best producer and best writer in national and international film festivals.

As a television host and presenter, David focuses on social, political, humanitarian, food, tourism, cultural and entertainment programming. His work is seen on network television, in documentary films, web series, at live events and regularly as a newscast commentator.

Yuval David is an Emmy Award-winning actor, host, director, and filmmaker who has won over 100 awards at international film festivals. His work is seen across entertainment and media. He is an active leader in the LGBTQ+ and Jewish communities, championing and advancing socio-political initiatives, working alongside government officials and non-governmental organizations to save people in life-threatening situations.

David is the Mobilization Director for the End Jew Hatred movement, is part of several councils, councils and collaborates with prestigious organizations GLAAD, HRC, The National LGBTQ Task Force, The Shoah Foundation, JewBelong, Rainbow Railroad, Freedom House, Dignity LGBTQI, the Creative Community for Peace and the Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance, among others. He is active on social media, including Youtube, instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ICT Tacand LinkedIn.

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