Limelight Announces General Availability of GraphQL Caching and Serverless Hosting for Headless Website Builders


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona., December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW), a leading provider of edge content delivery and AppOps services, today announced the general availability of the GraphQL feature for its Layer0 by Limelight web application CDN.

GraphQL is an important tool for microservices (aka headless) based websites, allowing web builders to make their API layer much faster and more manageable. Layer0 solved the key challenge of caching GraphQL APIs at the network edge, which is not supported by traditional web CDNs. In addition, the solution supports hosting the GraphQL server in a serverless environment. These new abilities strengthen Limelight’s presence in the $ 4.4 billion web application CDN market, especially since the website builders, not the operations team, drive these buying decisions.

The GraphQL query language improves upon traditional REST APIs and has seen tremendous growth and adoption among developers. Initially incubated on Facebook and later open source, GraphQL reduces overfetching of data, which can improve performance. It also allows teams to iterate their APIs faster without incurring version headaches by defining a flexible but strongly typed API between client and server. This has made GraphQL popular with developers, especially businesses using web architectures without a GUI or API. In the annual survey on the state of JS1, GraphQL achieved the highest brand awareness (98%), satisfaction (94%), and interest (87%) scores among developers than any other data layer solution.

Unfortunately, traditional CDNs and caching software have been built around REST APIs and are incompatible with GraphQL because they do not cache the more complex HTTP POST format. Therefore, websites using traditional web CDNs experience poor performance because GraphQL queries cannot be crawled and cached by these CDNs.

Layer0 addresses this issue by adding GraphQL parsing and POST method support to EdgeJS, a high-performance JavaScript-based declarative language for edge logic. With EdgeJS, web builders can create powerful custom caching logic based both on the properties of their GraphQL requests and on HTTP headers such as cookies and authentication. For example, a developer can cache information such as a product ID in an eCommerce API from a GraphQL response, along with attributes such as language, currency, and personalization preferences that are embedded in request headers. Additionally, the same application can handle and submit runtime calls to the GraphQL server hosted in a serverless environment on Layer0, eliminating infrastructure and scalability concerns.

“We are proud to surpass the industry by providing native support for GraphQL,” said Ajay Kapur, CTO at Limelight. “Website builders ship up to twice as often because Layer0 makes edge computing and caching a small part of a more holistic ‘application-centric’ workflow. Sales teams love their Layer0-based site because they load literally in the blink of an eye via predictive prefetch, the industry’s fastest edge compute, and a suite of RUM and observability tools. “

Layer0 includes everything development and DevOps teams need to implement a Headless or Jamstack architecture, including hosting, serverless, observability, RUM integration, and CI / CD. Teams can be flexible in how they take advantage of Layer0. They can use it to cache their GraphQL APIs, run their GraphQL server in a serverless environment, or host their entire headless application. Layer0 also has powerful routing options that allow teams to gradually migrate legacy applications to headless or API-first architectures.

The combination of GraphQL support and compatibility with legacy systems makes Layer0 the ideal tool for large businesses migrating to GraphQL with a mix of legacy and modern components.

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