Men Duped After Thinking They Could Impersonate Women And Earn Thousands Of Dollars As Virtual Metaverse Strippers


Everyone is looking to get rich quick, but as the saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. TikTok’s latest scheme involves the Metaversevirtual stripping, and NFT promoters. If the thought of all this blows your mind, keep reading.

According The daily pointyoung men on TikTok being told they can make money posing as a woman strippers in the Metaverse. However, things don’t quite go as planned.

More and more videos are popping up on TikTok showing guys with fancy sports cars and big bucks. Users claim to have earned the funds through virtual pole dancing in the Metaverse.

A The video posted by TikTok account @holynft garnered over 5.6 million views in just a few days.

“This is your sign to pretend to be a girl and start stripping in the Metaverse,” they wrote in the caption. “You must be on this wave.”

To say viewers were intrigued by the sideways fuss would be an understatement. They filled in the comments asking for more information.

“Please I want to join I would do this like crazy,” one user wrote.

“That gives Black Mirror (but where do I sign up),” another added.

A viewer said he was ready to give Metaverse stripping a try.

“If I see one more, I actually do,” they wrote.

But not everyone believed the hype. To combat the skepticism (and likely to maintain the ruse), @holynft said the only way for the user to learn how to make big money stripping in the Metaverse is to join their Discord server.

Just like on TikTok, Discord viewers were extremely interested in the virtual hustle and ready to give it a try. One user even shared that he spent hundreds of dollars on gear to start his career as an online sex worker.

However, this money was probably not well spent. Several moderators directed users to another channel that provided an introduction to NFTs. After users learned about the existence of the tokens on the channel, they were informed about the Discord server’s NFT project called Holy Nephalem – eerily similar to @holynft.

As users began to complain, moderators eventually revealed that the @holynft TikTok video was a publicity stunt to lure users to their Discord. However, they added that earning money on the Metaverse is a real thing, but they do not help users to do so by becoming virtual strippers.

It was later revealed that the footage shared in @holynft’s viral clip was not from the Metaverse, but rather from a video game called VRChat.

@holynft’s alleged TikTok account isn’t the only one telling users they can win thousands of dollars. There are other users who claim that they can earn money by stripping virtually in the Metaverse. Many of these accounts highlight dodgy money-making hacks and side scams. Is it possible to create a virtual strip club and become a stripper in the Metaverse? Absolutely. Like a real strip club, customers can tip VR dancers in the Metaverse, request a lap dance, and even extra sexual favors, but according to a current VR Dancertips are far from a living wage.

Check out this creator provides tips on how to become a Metaverse Dancer.


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