Microsoft mitigated one of the biggest DDoS attacks in 2021



In August 2021, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service encountered one of the biggest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks of all time. However, the Redmond giant was able to moderate the attack, thanks to its ability to handle and absorb a massive amount of DDoS attacks. He was able to stay in line throughout the attack which exceeded a peak traffic volume of 2.3 Tbps and lasted more than 10 minutes.

Now, for those who don’t know, DDoS attacks typically force a website or service to shut down by directing a flood of traffic to a web host that can’t handle it. These are usually done using a botnet, which is a network of machines infected with malware that are controlled remotely.

In this case, Microsoft’s Azure was attacked via short bursts of traffic spikes of 2.4 Tbps, 0.55 Tbps and 1.7 Tbps. The company recently shared a blog post announcing its success and explaining the attack in detail.

Microsoft mitigated one of the biggest DDoS attacks on its Azure service in 2021

According to Amir Dahan, senior program manager in Microsoft’s Azure Networking team, “The attack traffic came from approximately 70,000 sources and from several countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and China, as well as the United States.”

However, Azure’s DDoS protection platform that relies on distributed DDoS detection and mitigation pipelines can absorb dozens of terabits of DDoS attacks. Thus, the service was able to stay online during the entire attack period.

You can check out Microsoft’s in-depth blog post to learn more about the attack, how Azure was able to absorb it all, and how to protect your workloads from DDoS attacks.



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