Mo-Sys and AlfaLite launch collaboration on technological solutions for virtual LED production


LONDON—Virtual production technology provider Mo-Sys Engineering and AlfaLite, Europe’s only manufacturer of LED panels, have announced that they are working together to offer complete end-to-end virtual LED production solutions.

Mo-Sys has an established virtual production system with its VP Pro XR content server and StarTracker camera / lens tracking system. VP Pro XR’s advanced tools include the unique ability to seamlessly focus between real and virtual objects.

By partnering with AlfaLite, Mo-Sys can now offer ModularPix Pro LED panel modules in a single package for a full LED volume multi-camera production system, the companies said.

“Movies, television and live events all want to benefit from virtual production,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Obtaining a complete, fully functional system from a single supplier makes it easy for them to seize the benefits quickly, reducing technical time and allowing them to continue to be creative. ”

Juan Vega, AlfaLite International Sales Director added that “AlfaLite and Mo-Sys are well known names in the virtual production market, respected for our advanced features and high levels of customer support in key markets. Working together in partnership will further strengthen our offer and make us ever more responsive to both experienced users and those who wish to switch to virtual production. ”

Mo-Sys will install a ModularPix Pro P1 LED display at its headquarters in London. AlfaLite will add a Mo-Sys VP Pro XR and StarTracker to its demonstration facilities at its plant in Huelva, Spain. The two companies will collaborate on marketing and exhibitions, as well as support for sales channels.

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