Now Surfshark VPN is leaving India! Will not respect the new Indian government. right


Surfshark VPN is shutting down its Indian servers in response to the Indian government’s new law regarding VPN apps. Here are all the details.

Surfshark VPN is also leaving India! Following the release of ExpressVPN last week, Surfshark also made the same decision to shut down its Indian servers in response to the government directive that requires VPN operators to retain user data and retain logs for future use by the Indian government. Surfshark says it has a no-logs policy and that ends with the new law made by the Indian government. Therefore, it is closing its servers in the country but will continue to offer its services here.

“Surfshark proudly operates under a strict ‘no logs’ policy, so these new requirements go against core company ethics. A VPN is an online privacy tool, and Surfshark has been founded to make it as easy to use as possible for common users. The infrastructure on which Surfshark runs has been set up to respect the privacy of our users and we will not compromise our values ​​– or our technical foundation” , says Surfshark in a press note.

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Surfshark VPN closes its servers in India

Before the new law takes effect, Surfshark servers in India will be shut down. The law is expected to go into effect from June 27, so people will be able to access the servers until then. After the shutdown, Surfshark will introduce virtual servers for India, just like ExpressVPN.

Thus, Surfshark VPN customers will be able to access the services without any major changes in the user experience. These servers will be located in Singapore and London, and users can find them in the regular server list.

“Users in India who are not using Indian servers will notice no difference – they will still be able to connect to any server outside of the country of their choice. Meanwhile, Surfshark will continue to closely monitor attempts by the government to limit internet freedom and encourage discussions aimed at persuading the government to hear arguments from the tech industry,” Surfshark said in a post.

“The new laws require VPN providers to record and retain customer logs for 180 days, and collect and retain excessive customer data for five years,” Surfshark explains. The VPN service inherently adheres to strict privacy standards for user data and this law contradicts the purpose of these VPN services.

“Taking such drastic measures that have a significant impact on the privacy of millions of people living in India will most likely be counterproductive and will strongly harm the growth of the sector in the country. Ultimately, collecting excessive amounts of data within Indian jurisdiction without robust protection mechanisms could lead to even more breaches nationwide,” the company adds.


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