Quincy Asian Business Owners Hold a Walking Tour with Local Leaders to Voice Their Concerns


QUINCY — Paul Yu owned the East Chinatown restaurant in Quincy for nearly two decades.

He saw quite a bit of change along Hancock Street.

“When I started here 18 years ago, this area was quiet. It’s very quiet. But right now you can see people walking around. It’s totally different,” Yu said.

His restaurant was just one of the stops along the way for Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch and city and state lawmakers Saturday morning.

The walking tour was initiated by the Asian Business Empowerment Council with the aim of getting to know this immigrant community better. They sat down to talk about the issues facing the Asian community which makes up more than 30% of Quincy’s population.

“One of the groups is a non-profit group seeking more funding to provide more services to newcomers so they can integrate better. The businesses seem very happy. They are doing well, they are thriving,” Koch said.

Yu says interactions like this are important when there’s a bit of a language and cultural barrier. The immigrant business owner and Quincy resident says he is most concerned about safety in the neighborhood.
“I want a safer place. We need more police power,” Yu said. “That’s my concern.”

He is heartened to see the city leaders stop and just listen to his concerns, because he knows change will only come if people speak up.

“I am very happy, I am very satisfied.”


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