Secure digital transformation with PowerEdge and VMware


With the explosive growth in the amount and value of data powering today’s global environment, the need for businesses to adapt quickly is critical to their survival. IT managers are under enormous pressure to deliver applications and services that not only innovate and transform the business, but also address the ongoing security threats to their data. The biggest roadblock to transformation is data privacy and security issues.¹ How IT leaders protect and secure infrastructure from escalating threats can make or break your digital transformation initiatives.

Today, security threats can come from all directions and can include things like identity theft, IP theft, extortion, viruses, worms, and more. The security threat landscape has grown over the past few years, with 81% of businesses experiencing a breach,¹ and continues to rapidly evolve, making it difficult for organizations to track, manage and predict. This requires periodically monitoring the threat landscape and assessing the organization’s resilience to potential threats. Given the unpredictability of threats, a practical approach would be to adopt a security framework that not only addresses traditional threats, but adapts to today’s growing and ever-changing threat landscape.

Securing the data center has become crucial to securing business as it has become a valuable target for malicious attackers seeking access to the information, applications and services that organizations rely on every day. While moving to a software-defined data center (SDDC)—where compute, storage, and networking are virtualized—can improve agility and support digital transformation efforts, virtualized data centers create a increased need for security at the infrastructure layer. Security built into hardware and software enables a more expansive approach to security, as well as greater agility and flexibility in the face of security threats. As servers become more central in an SDDC architecture, server security becomes the foundation of overall enterprise security.

Together, Dell PowerEdge and vmware enable simpler, scalable, and more agile computing that is secure by default and flexible to meet the needs of diverse workloads. By automating and protecting hybrid cloud environments – from chip to firmware, from virtual machine to container – Dell Technologies and vmware maximize your ability to resist cyberattacks, protect information, and transform IT. Our flexible, purpose-built solutions are designed to deliver optimal performance at the edge, core, and cloud with automation and consistency for physical and virtual environments, all backed by industry-leading support and the ability to leverage investments existing in common solutions and services.

Server security is essential to securing IT infrastructure – it allows you to protect against, detect and recover from malicious attacks. Unfortunately, while security teams often focus on protecting the operating system and applications, less attention is given to the underlying server infrastructure, including hardware and firmware.

the Dell Technologies approach to security is built-in, with security built into every stage of the Dell Secure development lifecycle. The cyber-resilient architecture includes the embedded server firmware, operating system, peripherals, and management operations within it to promote efficient and reliable protection against attacks, enabling rapid recovery with little or no damage. business interruption.

* Protect servers during all aspects of the lifecycle, including BIOS, firmware, data, and physical hardware.

* Detect malicious cyberattacks and unapproved modifications; proactively engage IT admins.

* Recover BIOS, firmware, and operating system to a known good state; safely retire or reassign servers.

Organizations can implement a process to protect valuable server infrastructure and the data it contains by detecting anomalies, breaches, and unauthorized operations and recovering from unintended or malicious events.

Just as security is built into PowerEdge, vmware leverages infrastructure to protect applications and data from endpoint to cloud – in real time, on any cloud or device. As an integrated and distributed part of the enterprise, the software stack integrates all aspects of the technology ecosystem to deliver more effective security. The result is integrated, distributed security with your control points of users, devices, workloads, and networks, with fewer tools and silos and better context.

For example, given the intrinsic nature of security on vmware software, the following features can help protect you against threats: vmware vSphere with Tanzu:

* Easily enable virtual machine encryption and advanced security with vSphere Native Key Provider.

* Ease compliance audits with vSphere Product Audit Guides and FIPS Validation.

* Offer seamless enterprise and multi-factor authentication with Identity Federation.

* Get built-in security and control with remote verification using vSphere trusted authority.

* Apply security policies and storage limits to virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters with vSphere Pod Services.

vmware vSAN:

* vSAN encryption provides data-at-rest and data-in-transit security at the cluster level, including deduplication and compression.

* Over-the-wire encryption for data in transit between vSAN nodes.

* FIPs 140-2 validated crypto modules that meet WE federal requirements.

* New monitoring and analysis tools along with root cause analysis help customers quickly diagnose and address underlying issues.

VMware NSX:

* Achievable and effective zero-trust security as critical applications are locked down.

* Leverage IDS/IPS to defend against side threats.

* Full L1-L7 controls with NSX micro-segmentation.

* DMZ logic created in software.

Dell PowerEdge and vmware automate and protect hybrid cloud environments to maximize your ability to withstand cyberattacks, protect information, and transform IT. Co-tested and backed by industry-leading support, our flexible, purpose-built solutions deliver optimal performance at the edge, core, and cloud to leverage existing investments in common solutions and services.

You can learn more about cybersecurity with PowerEdge and vmware here, and securing business with PowerEdge and vmware here.

¹ vmwareVMware Global Insights Security Report, June 2021



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