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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on Friday, February 4, 2022! The TechCrunch team is thrilled with our 2022 slate of live, online events. Equity and Found host live recordings – for which I can confirm that technical checks are in progress – and we have Early Stage coming shortly. It will be, if I may say so, a party. – alexander

TechCrunch’s top 3

  • Public cloud continues to win: Big Tech companies with public clouds have done well in the recent earnings cycle. Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon, that is. The latest cloud market data makes it clear why – the cloud is big business, software market stock revaluations aside. (More on Google Cloud here, in case you want to dive into the numbers. Ron’s been all over the cloud beat.)
  • Insurtech venture capital funding soars as insurtech stocks slump: Last year may have been the best year ever for fundraising for insurtech startups. It’s also been a reckoning year for insurtech companies that have gone public in the last year or so. TechCrunch, in the first of a two-part series, explores what’s going on and what good news can be found.
  • How to reform coding bootcamps: TechCrunch Natasha Mascarenhas has a great insight into the world of teaching people to code fast. She told me earlier today that “edtech is always looking for a magic metric, one that encompasses results, engagement and, heck, even fun. But in the world of coding bootcamps , which have been scrutinized for their lack of effectiveness, is it time to ditch the old method of tracking success?” Enjoy!


  • The latest in France: Numeral, the Fintech start-up, wants to update corporate banking by “using a modern application programming interface” that will allow its customers to connect “directly to banking servers to download payment files and interact with outdated information systems”. In short, it turns discrete banking services into microservices. I dig it.
  • Have you read more news about French startups in the last quarters? Here’s why. Roman, Anna and others have done a great job of keeping our eyes on the country.
  • Artisanal Ventures raises $62 million: Seeking to invest in the competitive B2B SaaS startup market, Artisanal Ventures’ debut fund is “backed by more than 50 founders and senior executives,” which could provide it with some leverage for its portfolio companies within large corporations. Let’s see if this advantage carries over to good deals.
  • Another €30m for Marathon Venture Capital: Athens-based Marathon just piled on some extra tokens for its investment business. The addition to its latest fund comes after the company raised €40 million for the first closing of its second fund.
  • Drama at BharatPe: Tiger-backed Indian fintech sees management upset, with co-founder and chief executive Ashneer Grover calling on its board to ‘remove chief executive Suhail Sameer’ from the company’s leadership group business. Add tea from, Bolt and other companies, and 2022 is shaping up to be a year of tech drama. Why? Many companies have raised a lot of money, and not all of them will be able to do so at these prices. So expect to see more, not less, over time.
  • And to wrap up, if you want to know what rounds of funding stood out for us this week, Equity has you covered. We also talked about cute robots!

How to Host and Run an Effective Hybrid Sales Launch Event in 2022

The abstract vector illustration shows a team using a diagram to visually organize information.

Picture credits: DrAfter123 (Opens in a new window) /Getty Pictures

A recent survey of sales and marketing professionals found that only half of respondents said they were likely to attend an event in the first half of 2022.

Traditionally, companies hold in-person sales launches (SKOs) in January and February to brief sales teams on new products and strategize. Today, these convention centers and hotel ballrooms are dark and quiet.

Hybrid events won’t give teams the chance to bond over karaoke, but with a tight schedule and a compelling theme, you can create a virtual or hybrid SKO that people will actually want to attend.

If you’re leading a sales team, this article shares strategies for finding a theme that reflects your goals, as well as tips on planning and tips on ways to express your company culture.

Even if your team is spread across multiple time zones, there’s still time to grab a sandwich and network, and Zoom Karaoke counts as team building.

(TechCrunch+ is our membership program, which helps founders and startup teams grow. You can register here.)

Big Tech inc.

  • Why is there no Spotify HiFi? The world’s leading music streaming company has yet to roll out a more expensive and better level of service. Why? License, it seems. Which is a somewhat odd answer. Spotify is partly owned by labels and has a huge influence in the market. Why can’t this be done?
  • Personal space is coming to Meta: it’s going to be a weird blurb, but ride with me. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is rolling out anti-harassment tools to Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues, its metaverse properties. So if this applies to you, good news.

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