SiteGround opens a new data center in Spain


SiteGround, a web hosting service, opened a new data center in Madrid, Spain, the company announced in June. This is the seventh SiteGround data center to open globally and the fourth to open in Europe.

When choosing the data center from which to host your site, it is best to choose a data center close to where the majority of your web traffic originates. Because of this, the new data center will best serve people whose traffic comes mainly from Europe, especially Spain, Portugal, Andorra and other neighboring regions.

Customers who have a shared or cloud hosting plan through SiteGround can request to move their data to the new data center by going to Customer Area > Marketplace > Hosting Services > Hosting Move.

“Over the years, we’ve grown our network of data centers by adding new geographic locations,” wrote Daniel Kanchev, product and technology manager at SiteGround, in a blog post. “From now on, all new accounts for our Spanish customers will be created by default in our Madrid data center.”

In addition to the data center, SiteGround has also extended its content delivery network service to Spain. A CDN is a group of servers that work as a unit to quickly deliver website content to the site visitor. SiteGround’s expansion of its CDN into Spain ensures that website load times for people around the world are minimal when trying to access content hosted from the new Spanish data center.

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